5 Tips To Allow Ourselves Thrive

Chakra clearing with knight and bridge

We may know what we want in life but on some level are holding ourselves back from really thriving.

From my own journey and learning to thrive, I have discovered many ways that help in this process.

1    Not being afraid to express our feelings and wants from our heart is a great place to start our journey to thriving.  This allows direct access to our soul and when we speak from here, we are honouring our own inner voice.

If we get judged remember it’s the other person’s opinion and we really can’t change someone else’s opinion!  It can be hard to do this sometimes but the consequence of not speaking our mind can cause many things; a blocked throat chakra, being passive aggressive rather than being assertive and not honouring our own inner truth.

2   Following on from judgements, be open-minded and prepared to at least look at an alternative way to do something.  If we stay closed and set in our ways, we may lose out on opportunities to better ourselves and may miss out learning more effective ways to do things.

When we look through a different lens we get a different picture.  If our lens is clouded over with false beliefs or limiting closed mind views we get a distorted view of our life.

3   Staying focused on our inner truths and core values and, making sure we are working and making our decisions from this place is a sure way to success in thriving in our lives.

When we steer away from our core values we are not working in alignment with our true north, our inner compass or our gut instinct. We will then not be able to thrive in the way we really want to.

4  Learning to work with our emotions and not against them helps us to thrive in so many ways. See my last blog post on this here.  Each of the emotions has a gem to guide us to where we want to go.

Emotional intelligence is something we can all learn, in my opinion starting to become aware of our emotions is a good start.

5  Knowing ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses and our own uniqueness is essential.  When we work with our strengths, work on our weaknesses (if we so desire!) and be truly ourselves, we become our own unique self, standing in our own power and being  the very best we can be.

You can take a 7 week on-line journey with me where we go in-depth with each of the awareness centres of our energy system; the chakras.  We ask the questions and find our own answers as to what stops us thriving and living the life we desire.  Click here for more details.

Until next time .. keep the faith, Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Author, Chakra Course Creator, Energy Worker and Essential Oil Lover


6 Ways To Shift Those Monday Blues!

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We have the power to shift what kind of a day we are going to have on a dime (or a cent!!)!   It’s about our attitude and how we decide to approach the day in the midst of whatever curveballs life has thrown at us.   And of course no it isn’t always easy .. here are a few quick tips to help!

M  … Motivation .. even if you feel like no muscle in your body will work today .. not even the one in your brain – fake it!!   You know what they say – fake it ’till you make it!!

Becoming aligned to the vibration of motivation will change what otherwise may turn out to be a non productive day to a highly charged motiviated one!  Go on give it a try!

O .. On yer bike!   Or any other type of exercise will do!   Exercise gets the body going, gets everything pumped up and we can feel like tackling anything after an exercise session.   Or if you end up feeling worn out – remember keep motivated and start over!

N … Nothing ventured nothing gained.   Go on and just do it!  If there is something on your to-do list that gets brought forward day after day, do it first today .. you never know what will come out of it!

D … Day Dream.   Day dreaming is allowed even for grown ups, dont mind anyone who tells you otherwise!!!

Day dreaming about our goals allows the imagination soar, limitless and boundless without the ego telling us we can’t, we shouldn’t or who do we think we are!    Write down your day dreams and dream big without limits!

A … Affirm.   Affirm what you want from your day.   I choose to be happy today, I choose to relax today, I choose to get out of my comfort zone and take on the dragon of fear!  Whatever you affirm believe you can .. and then you will!

Try adding some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to your affirmations and watch those blocks resolve!

Y .. Yawn.   Yea, yea I know but yawning is good for us.  Pop into a coffee shop and start yawning and see how many peole you affect!!!   Yes it’s contagious but a good yawn plus a stretch lets us lengthen our body and take in more air.

In fact it is taught in medical schools that we yawn because oxygen levels in our lungs are low.  So when you start a yawning crisis in your local coffee shop you are doing them all a favour!

Happy Monday and as always .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Author, Energy Therapist, Essential Oil Student.


Building a Health & Wellness Community & Why It’s Important To Me

Wikipedia defines community as “… a social unit of any size that shares common values ..”.

Our values can be viewed as what is important to us in our lives.

To me being in a community of like minded people that share similiar values brings out the best in us.   We feel safe to share our views, ask questions and be open to learn to be our selves and most importantly, our best selves.

IrishHealthHour is a health and wellness community that has evolved into something far bigger than I ever expected.   To me it has always been about offering a space for people to feel comfortable joining in our hashtag hour ever Saturday morning #irishhealthhour,  to ask questions, network and learn.

It is a bridge between allopathic and natural medicine where we learn exciting new advances in the medical world or find a natural product or therapy to ease our emotional and physical symptoms.   It is not one versus the other rather a community to share both.

We often here community building being described as “finding our tribe” where again we are meeting with people with similiar stories to tell.   We gain insight and hope from those who have overcome obstacles like those we may have.  We may feel like we will never get over something but then hear another’s story and be inspired to change.

Health and wellness covers all aspects; as well as meeting with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to include our physiological, safety and self esteem issues it also includes what we eat, what we put on our skin, what exercise we do; to name but a few.

We may find we are self confident but do not get proper nutrition and exercise and because of this we may feel drained.   We may exercise and eat well but our self talk and self esteem may be low.

Health and wellness in my opinion is about balance, it is doing all of the above in a balanced way for us as an individual.  There is no hard rule fits all, we are each an individual with individual needs.

We can educate ourselves by learning from others who have gone before us and paved the way!   We can learn to be motivated, learn cooking skills or find home based exercise videos to suit our own needs at this time.

IrishHealthHour is a community and I welcome you to join us.

Until next time .. keep the faith, Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealtHour, Energy Worker, and essential oil lover.


4 Ways to Build an Authentic Tribe in a Multi Level Marketing Biz

“Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing”.

When you build a business from your authentic self and do what makes your heart sing then you naturally align yourself with like minded people who share your passion.    People buy people not products, your authentic way of doing business will attract your tribe to you.

Sometimes if a passion you have found is based on a multi level marketing model lots of things might come up for you to work through.   I was one of those people (for me it is essential oils) !   Why is this?  Because of your own stories around this model, or perhaps the stories you have heard from others.

1  Getting Out of Your Own Way

However if you are passionate about something, and the business model happens to be a multi level marketing company, you can often let this get in your way of going forward with your business.

You might form a story in your head around the whole scenario.   Maybe you feel people will run a mile from you because they think you are trying to sell them something!   The very fact that you are in a sales position may frighten the living daylights out of you!!!  You may tell everyone you are not a sales person.   You are literally standing in your own way.

You can ask yourself a very important question and by answering this question honestly you can shed light on your core beliefs.  What is wrong with working in a multi level marketing business?

Writing down honestly your story around it, will reveal to you the belief that may be holding you back.   You might realise you are giving your power away to someone else’s beliefs!!!!

2  Believe in your product.

If you sell products that you believe will benefit people then you are doing an injustice to yourself and others by not sharing them.   This is the way I feel about natural essential oils.  I have a knowledge and a belief that they offer a solution to a person’s health and wellness.   Does everyone want them?  Of course not but a lot of people want natural products and when I sell products I have the firm belief that the products will support and maintain their physical and emotional health.

If you struggle around belief in your product then maybe you are not selling a product in alignment with your soul purpose or the very essence of what you believe in.

3  Taking steps in alignment with your business

When you get out of your own way and do business because you believe in it you are doing business with purpose.  Helene Scott calls the actions you do to go forward “branding on purpose”.  You have identified your story, ascertained your reason for doing it (often known as “finding your why“) and each step you take is in accordance with this alignment.

You are at the same time growing and gathering your tribe and finding those that share your beliefs about the products you offer.   You are working in alignment with your story and those around you.  Everything you do is transparent and honest.

4.  Your digital footprint tells your story

If you love your business and your products and use them and blog about them and educate people about them, then people can begin to understand the story you are creating.   On the other hand if you are selling for the sake of selling and doing so without soul this is part of your digital footprint too.   People may “hear” you say one thing but “see” a different story.

Sometimes you may not even realise you are not in control of your business, it is only when someone tells you something, that you see past the story you have told yourself.  If you work on-line your digital footprint is there for all to see.   Each action you make tells a story, each blog you write tells a story.

If you don’t make each action one that comes from your heart you are not creating an authentic business nor are you attracting a tribe in alignment with your soul purpose.

To get out of your comfort zone takes courage and a lot of personal development but you will often hear people who work at their passion saying it doesn’t feel like work at all!

If you would like to work with me as part of my tribe educating and sharing natural essential oils please do not hesitate to contact me at irishhealthhour@gmail.com.

Until next time .. keep following your passion

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Essential Oil Lover, Chakra Teacher, Soul Care Practitioner, Owner at IrishHealthHour 



Setting Intentions With Crystal Grids

Our extremely popular guest blogger Jessisa Forde, Manager at Amber is back speaking about crystal grids.


Crystal Grids

Why we use crystals?

Nowadays we look for alternatives when it comes to the health of our spirit, body and mind.

What can you do to improve your spirit? For those days you want to be outside your body, or look into your deeper soul and inner body, for those days you are just fed up with visits to the local doctors and pharmacies, when your mind is over whelmed and stressed and wishing for a new sense of calm and inner peace.

Let the crystal help you, open your mind to the powerful force of crystal energy and healing. Crystals can be there for you, be it a small thing or a big thing.

My personal journey with crystals

From working in Amber I have learned a lot about crystals and it’s hard to believe that only 2 years ago I knew nothing of their mystic and exciting energies. On a daily basis I carry them on me, wear them on a chain and always in my bra especially rose quartz. I enjoyed this daily morning routine but I knew there was more I could do with them.   I imagined if one single crystal brought that tingling sensation or allowed me to ground after a hard day at work, what would a number of crystals laid out in a specific shape or form do?

Preparing a crystal grid

I tried one of my first large crystal grids on my garden patio and I was setting the intention for my sister to get her student loan, I lay the crystals on the ground and lit an orange candle knowing she was to find her faith about her loan for college at the same time. Looking at it logically the chances were slim but I gave my faith to the crystal grid and the universe to provide. I waited there and watched the candle burn and stated no matter the outcome I was still grateful. The phone rang, it was my sister and she had gotten the loan. This changed my whole view on crystal girds and now they have become a huge part of my life.

Crystal gridding can be done in a simple form or a complex form depending on the shape of your crystals, are they raw or tumbled, the number of individual crystals you have, your intention when setting the crystal and the most obvious, the space you have to lay out your crystal grid?

Crystal grids in your home

Crystals vibrate with your chakras creating energy and allowing the chakras in your body to vibrate to a higher frequency, which allows the chakras to open and allows you to open as a human being. Crystals in a room brings the energy in that space to vibrate at a higher frequency, which in turns helps you to vibrate keeping the spirit, body and mind in check. The crystals act like a charger from which you charge your energies, so placing crystal grids in your home is very beneficial.

We all look for abundance in our lives and looking at Feng Shui we focus on the abundance corner of our home especially. This corner is located in the furthest room at the back of your house at the left hand side of that room. Placing a large piece of Citrine with red goldstone, green aventurine, and jade, aids your intention for abundance.

Preparing your crystal grid

The grids can be created very simply. Before setting a crystal grid you must always cleanse your crystal pieces with sage, moon water, seawater etc before you set them down. If you have the opportunity to charge your crystals in the moon light, sun or during stormy weather beforehand I would recommend this as it will make your grid last longer and allows the grid to stay charged for longer. To charge your grid when it is set down use a pointed crystal raw if possible and join the crystal in the grid visually but using the point of the pointed crystal to draw imaginary lines connecting each piece together like a jigsaw, repeating your intention verbally or repeat a mantra of your choice.


Using a pointed crystal to charge grid after placement

In your abundance corner place the large citrine or quartz piece in the middle of your set down area, it helps to draw out your shape. I normally use a hexagon shape. Place a layer of 6 green aventurine crystals around the citrine and going further out place a layer of 6 red goldstone making the crystal visual join like triangles and continue with 6 jade pieces and to finish with 6 citrine.

Setting your intention

If you wish to raise the vibration of the crystal grid place 4-pointed quartz to the corners of the grid. When you decide on your intention with the grid, ask yourself if is it the universe you ask help from, or is it your own inner energy you wish to use to help your intention proceed?

When you point your crystals inwards you are asking your own energies to provide but when you point the crystals outwards you are asking the universe to provide. This should be done with your intuition; you will know what you need.

grid flower

Flower of life crystal grid for creativity and confidence

Crystal grids can be created in all shapes and sizes. Some may use the flower of life symbol to layout the crystals, or spirals, the infinity sign or you can simply place in a bundle if you feel this is what works for you.

Many items enhance your crystal grids. Copper is a natural conductor of energy so it is an excellent material to place your crystal grids on. Lighting a candle allows you create the crystal grid for a shorter period if the intention for example is for sending healing energy to someone going through surgery. The candle allows the intention to be active until the candles flame goes out.

If you are wishing to reconnect with Mother Earth laying out fresh flowers is very beneficial.  Restricting yourself from smelling the flowers allows you to offer the scent to your guides, archangels, Mother Earth and so on, as a gratitude offering.

love grid

Spiral crystal grid for love, guidance and protection

Another popular crystal grid that can be done on a regular basis is for love and loving energy in your home. Place a large rough rose quartz in the middle of your home usually under the staircase and 4 smaller pieces of rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst in the 4 corners of your home.  This allows your home, with your loving intention to be filled with loving energy amongst the family living in the space. This type of grid works wonderfully well for romantic relationships and you can do this by placing the grid directly under the bed in which you both sleep.

If you are looking for creativity in the home replace the 4 crystals in the corners with carnelian. If you wish to protect your home or provide a protective environment at work against others, black tourmaline and in some cases black obsidian is excellent to use in these types of grids. Remember keep the protection close to the area you wish to protect.

The intentions you can create for your crystal grids are endless. Lighting a candle or placing a personal item with your crystal grid is also very beneficial and makes the grid very personal and distinctive. Many people place a photo of the person they wish to set the grid for with it, especially if they are ill, need loving energy or generally for the well-being of that person. I personally like to place feathers that I find at my feet that day and, giving gratitude I place the feather by the lighted candle to send loving every to whatever intention I set with my crystal grid.

Placing crystal grids on natural material for example slate, wood, in a potted plant, on sand or a bed of leaves really helps with the grounding of your crystal grid as, by doing this you are inviting Mother Earth to aid in connecting the crystal to the earths floor which in turn keeps the energy of the crystals grounded. When working with crystals grounding is so important.

How many crystals should you use?

The amount of crystals in your crystal grid is not that important but if you have a large quantity then try to use as many as you can and spread out your grid placing the crystals out in even numbers of 4, 6, 8 etc in the shape you desire. I find the larger the grid the better and it’s also very important that all crystal pieces are cleansed and charged before the placement of the grid and after you have finished using your grid.

I am always asked the question, how long does a crystal grid work for? In my experience when lighting a candle I will set the intention of the grid to last until the flame of the candle goes out if the intention is small. For larger intentions or weekly or monthly manifestation with the grid, I would use a pendulum to check the energy of the grid (depending on the strength of the momentum swing of the pendulum), or I would walk away from the grid checking for when the swing of the pendulum stops, giving me an idea of the energy of the crystal grid at hand. If the swings are strong in the pendulum the crystal grid is still working but if the swings are weak or no movement occurs the crystal grid needs resetting or removal.

Respect and enjoy your crystal grids!!!

For more information on crystals check out Amber’s website.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Health and Wellness Blogger, Founder of @irishhealthhour, Assertive and Empowerment Coach and Energy Therapist 


Open & Allow in More of What You Want

Sometimes we hold onto things so tightly we almost smother ourselves and stop anything good coming in.  We close our heart chakra, raise our shoulders to our ears & walk around tense & anxious.

When we become mindful of this we can begin the “opening and allowing” process to start.
We can begin by breathing into our heart.
“Imagine your heart as petals of a flower and watch as the petals open as if responding to the start of summer and opening to new life.
Let your shoulders drop and your jaw loosen.  Allow your eyes to just be, neither darting back and forth nor judging what they see.
Feel your body fill with oxygen and imagine nourishment and light penetrating every cell of your body.
Just be and allow whatever wants to surface to surface.
Let today be the first day of the rest of your life”.
You can return to this mindful peaceful state anytime you wish.   It is also good to journal or write about anything that comes up for you.
Enjoy my complementary chakra meditation above.   You can take my self study course of the chakras here.
Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Energy Therapist and Soul Care Practitioner and Empowerment Coach.
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