Therapeutic Benefits of A Seaweed Bath

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There’s something about a swim in the open sea that is so refreshing and dissolves those cobwebs away!   It is also very therapeutic of course to be immersed in nature’s natural minerals.

However living on the West Coast of Ireland I am a bit of a wimp and wear a wet suit every time I venture into the sea.  It has to do with circulation and not being able to feel any part of my body if I don’t!!!

But I don’t need to suffer frost bite in order to benefit from the nutrients in Mother Nature’s ocean; a warm seaweed bath does the job so well!

We are lucky to have a wonderful organic seaweed producer on our doorstep in Galway on the West Coast of Ireland, Connemara Organic Seaweed Company.   I have been enjoying adding their seaweed products to my food including delicious energy balls  I get the nutritional benefits that way.  Before you ask they don’t taste of seaweed!  I made them recently at a workshop I was running to show people  how easy they are to make and how tasty it can be to add seaweed to our food.

The company, Connemara Organic Seaweed Company is in the process of bringing out a luxury spa range of products too .. watch this space!   I have had fun with them on this project!


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It is scientifically proven that having a seaweed bath is beneficial for supporting our central nervous system and making us feel more calm.  It also supports us with any skin issues we may have, as well as supporting symptoms of arthritis and more general muscle ache and pains.

Seaweed is one of nature’s natural sponges and, because of this, it soaks up lots of wonderful minerals directly from the sea. By the principle of osmosis when we have a seawed bath our skin absorbs these nutrients directly into our system.

Having a seaweed bath also supports the elimination of toxins from our body and increases the flow of oxygen rich blood which is extremely beneficial to maintain healthy organs and tissues.

The gel that is produced when having a seaweed bath coats the body with its nutritious delights and further aids with release of toxins from our body.

The seaweed can be used a second time too which is wonderful, as the calming effect I have felt tonight is something I definitely want to enjoy again!  I added a relaxing essential oil to the bath too to make it even more yummy!

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It is certainly a treat I look forward to more often and in the comfort of my own home, which is another benefit for me!

Until next time, take it handy

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Author, Energy Therapist, Essential Oil Lover and Mum.




Setting Intentions With Crystal Grids

Our extremely popular guest blogger Jessisa Forde, Manager at Amber is back speaking about crystal grids.


Crystal Grids

Why we use crystals?

Nowadays we look for alternatives when it comes to the health of our spirit, body and mind.

What can you do to improve your spirit? For those days you want to be outside your body, or look into your deeper soul and inner body, for those days you are just fed up with visits to the local doctors and pharmacies, when your mind is over whelmed and stressed and wishing for a new sense of calm and inner peace.

Let the crystal help you, open your mind to the powerful force of crystal energy and healing. Crystals can be there for you, be it a small thing or a big thing.

My personal journey with crystals

From working in Amber I have learned a lot about crystals and it’s hard to believe that only 2 years ago I knew nothing of their mystic and exciting energies. On a daily basis I carry them on me, wear them on a chain and always in my bra especially rose quartz. I enjoyed this daily morning routine but I knew there was more I could do with them.   I imagined if one single crystal brought that tingling sensation or allowed me to ground after a hard day at work, what would a number of crystals laid out in a specific shape or form do?

Preparing a crystal grid

I tried one of my first large crystal grids on my garden patio and I was setting the intention for my sister to get her student loan, I lay the crystals on the ground and lit an orange candle knowing she was to find her faith about her loan for college at the same time. Looking at it logically the chances were slim but I gave my faith to the crystal grid and the universe to provide. I waited there and watched the candle burn and stated no matter the outcome I was still grateful. The phone rang, it was my sister and she had gotten the loan. This changed my whole view on crystal girds and now they have become a huge part of my life.

Crystal gridding can be done in a simple form or a complex form depending on the shape of your crystals, are they raw or tumbled, the number of individual crystals you have, your intention when setting the crystal and the most obvious, the space you have to lay out your crystal grid?

Crystal grids in your home

Crystals vibrate with your chakras creating energy and allowing the chakras in your body to vibrate to a higher frequency, which allows the chakras to open and allows you to open as a human being. Crystals in a room brings the energy in that space to vibrate at a higher frequency, which in turns helps you to vibrate keeping the spirit, body and mind in check. The crystals act like a charger from which you charge your energies, so placing crystal grids in your home is very beneficial.

We all look for abundance in our lives and looking at Feng Shui we focus on the abundance corner of our home especially. This corner is located in the furthest room at the back of your house at the left hand side of that room. Placing a large piece of Citrine with red goldstone, green aventurine, and jade, aids your intention for abundance.

Preparing your crystal grid

The grids can be created very simply. Before setting a crystal grid you must always cleanse your crystal pieces with sage, moon water, seawater etc before you set them down. If you have the opportunity to charge your crystals in the moon light, sun or during stormy weather beforehand I would recommend this as it will make your grid last longer and allows the grid to stay charged for longer. To charge your grid when it is set down use a pointed crystal raw if possible and join the crystal in the grid visually but using the point of the pointed crystal to draw imaginary lines connecting each piece together like a jigsaw, repeating your intention verbally or repeat a mantra of your choice.


Using a pointed crystal to charge grid after placement

In your abundance corner place the large citrine or quartz piece in the middle of your set down area, it helps to draw out your shape. I normally use a hexagon shape. Place a layer of 6 green aventurine crystals around the citrine and going further out place a layer of 6 red goldstone making the crystal visual join like triangles and continue with 6 jade pieces and to finish with 6 citrine.

Setting your intention

If you wish to raise the vibration of the crystal grid place 4-pointed quartz to the corners of the grid. When you decide on your intention with the grid, ask yourself if is it the universe you ask help from, or is it your own inner energy you wish to use to help your intention proceed?

When you point your crystals inwards you are asking your own energies to provide but when you point the crystals outwards you are asking the universe to provide. This should be done with your intuition; you will know what you need.

grid flower

Flower of life crystal grid for creativity and confidence

Crystal grids can be created in all shapes and sizes. Some may use the flower of life symbol to layout the crystals, or spirals, the infinity sign or you can simply place in a bundle if you feel this is what works for you.

Many items enhance your crystal grids. Copper is a natural conductor of energy so it is an excellent material to place your crystal grids on. Lighting a candle allows you create the crystal grid for a shorter period if the intention for example is for sending healing energy to someone going through surgery. The candle allows the intention to be active until the candles flame goes out.

If you are wishing to reconnect with Mother Earth laying out fresh flowers is very beneficial.  Restricting yourself from smelling the flowers allows you to offer the scent to your guides, archangels, Mother Earth and so on, as a gratitude offering.

love grid

Spiral crystal grid for love, guidance and protection

Another popular crystal grid that can be done on a regular basis is for love and loving energy in your home. Place a large rough rose quartz in the middle of your home usually under the staircase and 4 smaller pieces of rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst in the 4 corners of your home.  This allows your home, with your loving intention to be filled with loving energy amongst the family living in the space. This type of grid works wonderfully well for romantic relationships and you can do this by placing the grid directly under the bed in which you both sleep.

If you are looking for creativity in the home replace the 4 crystals in the corners with carnelian. If you wish to protect your home or provide a protective environment at work against others, black tourmaline and in some cases black obsidian is excellent to use in these types of grids. Remember keep the protection close to the area you wish to protect.

The intentions you can create for your crystal grids are endless. Lighting a candle or placing a personal item with your crystal grid is also very beneficial and makes the grid very personal and distinctive. Many people place a photo of the person they wish to set the grid for with it, especially if they are ill, need loving energy or generally for the well-being of that person. I personally like to place feathers that I find at my feet that day and, giving gratitude I place the feather by the lighted candle to send loving every to whatever intention I set with my crystal grid.

Placing crystal grids on natural material for example slate, wood, in a potted plant, on sand or a bed of leaves really helps with the grounding of your crystal grid as, by doing this you are inviting Mother Earth to aid in connecting the crystal to the earths floor which in turn keeps the energy of the crystals grounded. When working with crystals grounding is so important.

How many crystals should you use?

The amount of crystals in your crystal grid is not that important but if you have a large quantity then try to use as many as you can and spread out your grid placing the crystals out in even numbers of 4, 6, 8 etc in the shape you desire. I find the larger the grid the better and it’s also very important that all crystal pieces are cleansed and charged before the placement of the grid and after you have finished using your grid.

I am always asked the question, how long does a crystal grid work for? In my experience when lighting a candle I will set the intention of the grid to last until the flame of the candle goes out if the intention is small. For larger intentions or weekly or monthly manifestation with the grid, I would use a pendulum to check the energy of the grid (depending on the strength of the momentum swing of the pendulum), or I would walk away from the grid checking for when the swing of the pendulum stops, giving me an idea of the energy of the crystal grid at hand. If the swings are strong in the pendulum the crystal grid is still working but if the swings are weak or no movement occurs the crystal grid needs resetting or removal.

Respect and enjoy your crystal grids!!!

For more information on crystals check out Amber’s website.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Health and Wellness Blogger, Founder of @irishhealthhour, Assertive and Empowerment Coach and Energy Therapist 


Standing At The Crossroad of Change

Standing at a cross roads of change wondering which path to take can be confusing and scary. Some paths may seem lonely, some safe and some downright dangerous. You may have been forced to stand here at this crossroad because of some external event. You may have felt trapped in a relationship, a job, you may have begun to catch the negative emotions of others, starting feeling resentful, annoyed, or even have become depressed. You may have unwittingly synchronized with other’s thoughts instead of staying in your own power with your own emotional state intact.

Changing path requires huge courage from within. You need to extract that power and pour it into every cell of your body to help you make those first few footsteps. This courage is required to rise up above your old fearful self. Shedding that which no longer serves you, shedding fears that no longer need to linger.

Who comes with you and who doesn’t is not always up to you. Because change affects not just you but those around you, some will come with you on your new path while others will remain stuck in their own fear based realities. These are the ones not yet ready but rather at this time choose to remain stuck in the usual, the usual that although may not be happy feels safe to them. That is their choice.

Like a person who has a near death experience in an accident or someone who recovers from a debilitating disease the need for a new path for some just happens and the layers of fear just fall away. The need to live life to its fullest and to one’s fullest potential jumps out of a person, some don’t know where they get this impulse from all they know is that “life is for living”. They may feel like they have a new chance at life and they are going to grab hold of it and ride the wave of life with a smile and leave the fears of the “what ifs” behind. They no longer feel the need to be stuck.

Tap into the power within as you change direction, call on it guide you to the light. Feel its strength. As you do this you are taking back the power from everyone that you have allowed, whether knowingly or not, take from you. As you let the layers of resistance dissipate, the so called limitations fall to the wayside. The fear that is holding you back vanishes into oblivion. If you believe in your new path and it feels right – then it is. Don’t let the nay sayers change your mind, its your chance, your life, your choice. When you realise your limiting self beliefs are just that “self” beliefs you have found the key to unlocking them and letting them go.

Manifest your own path, allowing the universe to tend the garden of your wishes, use your thoughts, emotions and feelings to guide and pave the way forward. Step out of the darkness and walk into the light. Grab hold of rails, watch for sign posts and seek guidance from within at the next crossroad, for there will be many more challenges ahead but with faith in yourself and most importantly the knowing you are on the right track you are sure to be where you are supposed to be and just at the right time.

Until next time …keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Reiki Master, Quantum Touch Therapist.


Embrace The Winds of Personal Change

I laughed yesterday when I was excited to have found the most fabulous jars with sealable lids in a shop, perfect for homemade jams, preserves, dressings etc.  I bought 4 of each size, they were on sale too!  I said to the Sales Assistant “I used to get excited about buying clothes now I get excited about jars, what does that say about me?”  She looked at me and not wanting to hear a negative about myself I said “Actually, don’t say anything”.  But she smiled and said “It’s maturity!”  I smiled and thanked her.     And so it is for me.  I have changed. 

Can you remember what you wanted to be when you were young, I don’t?  I don’t remember my dreams or aspirations and don’t really know if that is sad or just a sign that I now in my dream’s reality!  

But just as our dreams and aspirations change – we let some of them get shattered too sadly – our expectations change, our personal boundaries change.  What may not have bothered us when we were 20 bothers the hell out of us now.  I never really stopped to ask what tree huggers were just believed what I heard that they were all crazy hippies hugging trees, but now I can actually feel the energy emanating from a tree when I am beside it – I have learnt to stop and really feel energy, and it’s amazing!

As for personal boundaries they too change, as we get older we realise that we don’t necessarily have to carry all the emotional baggage dumped on us by people when we were young, carers, parents, siblings, teachers, whomever.   We have the born right to have a happy life and if that means changing our personal boundaries then we can choose to change those boundaries and set them in concrete if that is what we need to do.   This does in no way mean you stop being nice to the people you used to be nice too, it means that you be nice because you want to and not because you always have and it’s just what you have to do.  There is a negative connotation hanging on to that belief and what you are doing, you are not doing in a nice way and for the right reasons.

We can have limiting beliefs too hanging out of us, dragging us down to the bowels of the earth; we do things there again because we feel we have to; well you know something – we don’t have to.  

Whatever you feel you need to change in yourself to be the “yourself” of the now, not the “yourself” of yesterday – change it.   Tear down the walls that you have built around yourself to “protect yourself”.   Stand up for what you belief in.  The walls will come tumbling down themselves when you are being true to yourself, to your heart, to what is right and suits you now, yes now today, the present moment where all is good and can stay good if you choose to let it happen.

Until next time, as always keep the faith …

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Quantum Touch and Reiki Therapist