5 Ways To De-Clutter Your Chakras


Your chakras are a part of you, they are your energy centres.  Just like blood flows through your veins and arteries energy flows through your meridians and energy centres. Some of the chakras are located along the ganglia of nerves located along the spine.

This is why you can feel butterflies in your tummy when you get anxious or you may feel a twinge in your heart if someone hurts you.  You are actually feeling the emotions in your enegy centres.    It is in the chakras that negative emotions (or what you perceive to be negative emotions) and beliefs about yourself can become blocked.

When you become familiar and be-friend your own energy centres you will find out what needs to be de-cluttered in each of them so that you can get the results you are looking for.

Here are 5 tips to de-cluttering the chakras.

1     See the reality of your stories. Did you ever step back from a story and realise that you were seeing it in a way that didn’t really reflect the true situation? Maybe you hadn’t realised that the missing piece of information you needed was there, right in front of you but, because of the clutter on top of it you couldn’t see it?

When you work with de-cluttering your third eye chakra, in the centre of your forehead, it is like you are pulling back a curtain to see the actual truth.   You begin to see the reality and can then choose which actions to take in the future to make your stories better for yourself.

Get stuff out of your head. You may really want to get a work project off the ground but find that it is all in your head. You might always be described as someone who is very “heady” or “very intelligent” but perhaps this stops you at times from grounding something.   You may find you have no problem with getting the ideas together but when it comes to actually doing it .. you can’t seem to get it done.

If you want to learn to ground your projects into reality you can work on the first chakra which has to do with bringing your projects into the world, birthing them almost.

3   Open your heart. Perhaps you find that you always get stopped by the same old emotion each time you enter a relationship.   Maybe you are actually sabotaging yourself and you don’t realise it.

An old wound in your heart chakra can cause it to close down and you will not then be able to receive the love that you deserve.   This is something that people do unconsciously of course.  When your heart gets closed down, it needs to be opened again so that the light can get in.

4.  Speak up and be assertive. A very common energy centre or chakra that may be blocked is your throat chakra. Have you ever wanted to tell the world what it is you actually do but find you hide away and talk about anything else but your business?

You can work through the issues stuck in your throat chakra and release them so that you find yourself able to tell everyone your story.

Everyone has a story to tell and the world will be a better place when you learn to tell yours!

You are the co-creator of your life.  Perhaps you find it hard to believe that you can be the co-creator of your life.   You might dismiss theories, books and wonderful stories that you hear, thinking it is a lot of rubbish!

When you work your way up through the chakras and release what no longer serves you from your own energy body, you realise that you actually do create your own reality, whether you like it or not.

You can join me on a 7 week on line course through the chakras in September.   You can get the Introduction lesson free on signing up here.   Each week we will work on a different chakra, do a meditation to help with it and also use an essential oil which will bring help on the emotional level we need for that particular chakra.   Here is the link

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Owner of IrishHealthHour, EFT Master Practitioner, Assertive and Empowerment Coach and Essential Oil Lover.


Therapeutic Benefits of A Seaweed Bath

photo 3(13)


There’s something about a swim in the open sea that is so refreshing and dissolves those cobwebs away!   It is also very therapeutic of course to be immersed in nature’s natural minerals.

However living on the West Coast of Ireland I am a bit of a wimp and wear a wet suit every time I venture into the sea.  It has to do with circulation and not being able to feel any part of my body if I don’t!!!

But I don’t need to suffer frost bite in order to benefit from the nutrients in Mother Nature’s ocean; a warm seaweed bath does the job so well!

We are lucky to have a wonderful organic seaweed producer on our doorstep in Galway on the West Coast of Ireland, Connemara Organic Seaweed Company.   I have been enjoying adding their seaweed products to my food including delicious energy balls  I get the nutritional benefits that way.  Before you ask they don’t taste of seaweed!  I made them recently at a workshop I was running to show people  how easy they are to make and how tasty it can be to add seaweed to our food.

The company, Connemara Organic Seaweed Company is in the process of bringing out a luxury spa range of products too .. watch this space!   I have had fun with them on this project!


photo 2(17)

It is scientifically proven that having a seaweed bath is beneficial for supporting our central nervous system and making us feel more calm.  It also supports us with any skin issues we may have, as well as supporting symptoms of arthritis and more general muscle ache and pains.

Seaweed is one of nature’s natural sponges and, because of this, it soaks up lots of wonderful minerals directly from the sea. By the principle of osmosis when we have a seawed bath our skin absorbs these nutrients directly into our system.

Having a seaweed bath also supports the elimination of toxins from our body and increases the flow of oxygen rich blood which is extremely beneficial to maintain healthy organs and tissues.

The gel that is produced when having a seaweed bath coats the body with its nutritious delights and further aids with release of toxins from our body.

The seaweed can be used a second time too which is wonderful, as the calming effect I have felt tonight is something I definitely want to enjoy again!  I added a relaxing essential oil to the bath too to make it even more yummy!

photo 4(10)

It is certainly a treat I look forward to more often and in the comfort of my own home, which is another benefit for me!

Until next time, take it handy

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Author, Energy Therapist, Essential Oil Lover and Mum.




4 Ways To Keep Your Hands & Feet Naturally Healthy

Our hands and feet put up with a lot during the day.  Often our hands are exposed to the elements and spend time in water washing dishes, windows and household surfaces.    It’s no wonder we can suffer from dry, chapped skin!   Our feet bring us on our path, ever walking and moving, propelling us forward.

It is a gift to our hands and feet to give them a natural treat, it serves us in the long run!

Here is a four step ritual I would recommend.

1. Soaking the hands and feet in warm water with Epsom salts and essential oils.

The benefit of soaking our whole body and, in this case our hands and feet in Epsom Salt is so wonderful.   Due to changes in agricultural methods and accordingly changes in our diet, we are often deficient in magnesium.   Epsom salts provide a wonderful way to assist our body in benefiting from this essential mineral which is not easily absorbed through the stomach.

Studies show increased magnesium levels can be obtained from soaking in Epsom Salts. It is also said that Magnesium  helps maintain our calcium levels.

Adding an essential oil like Lavender adds a soothing support.  Lavender is wonderful to assist in calming things down, from sun burn to our central nervous system.  It acts like a soothing blanket for our ailments.

2. Exfoliation

When we exfoliate we detoxify the skin and allow dead cells to be removed.   This brightens the complexion and improves skin tone.  It kills bacteria and prevents breakouts.

I would recommend to use brown sugar in an exfoliation which is less abrasive to the skin than white sugar is.  Mixing the sugar with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil can add the advantage of adding therapeutic benefits from this oil.

Fractionated coconut oil contains capric acid and caprylic acid, thus giving it more antioxidant and disinfecting benefits.   It also facilitates the absorption of other oils you are putting on your skin.

Using an essential oil like Lemongrass purifies and tones the skin and soothes aching muscles.

On an emotional level Lemongrass supports us in releasing feelings of despair so we can open up to let go of limiting beliefs we may be hoarding about ourselves.  We are better able to see life more clearly and become the pilot steering our life in the way we want it to go.

3. After exfoliating we can moisturise our hands & feet with our favourite moisturiser.  We can add an essential oil of our choice.

Maybe we seek more focus so choose Lemon or perhaps we want to accept ourselves the way we are.  Bergamot offers great support in allowing us embrace our authentic self.

Apply the moisturiser with intention. allowing our hands receive the moisture they need.

4. We can care for our cuticles and nails by softening the skin around them.  We can add Shea butter which is full of natural vitamins and fatty acids and so moisturises, reduces inflammation and soothes the skin.   Bees wax also softens and is antibacterial.  It also forms a protective barrier on the skin and so is a wonderful ingredient for skin health.

Good essential oils for nails are Lemon, Frankincense & Myrrh.  These can also be blended with a carrier oil like wheatgerm and rubbed into cuticles to keep them soft and healthy.

Frankincense offers cellular health support so putting this essential oil on our cuticles is very beneficial, it is often referred to as “King of the Oils”.

If you have a natural solutions query please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you.



4 Ways to Build an Authentic Tribe in a Multi Level Marketing Biz

“Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing”.

When you build a business from your authentic self and do what makes your heart sing then you naturally align yourself with like minded people who share your passion.    People buy people not products, your authentic way of doing business will attract your tribe to you.

Sometimes if a passion you have found is based on a multi level marketing model lots of things might come up for you to work through.   I was one of those people (for me it is essential oils) !   Why is this?  Because of your own stories around this model, or perhaps the stories you have heard from others.

1  Getting Out of Your Own Way

However if you are passionate about something, and the business model happens to be a multi level marketing company, you can often let this get in your way of going forward with your business.

You might form a story in your head around the whole scenario.   Maybe you feel people will run a mile from you because they think you are trying to sell them something!   The very fact that you are in a sales position may frighten the living daylights out of you!!!  You may tell everyone you are not a sales person.   You are literally standing in your own way.

You can ask yourself a very important question and by answering this question honestly you can shed light on your core beliefs.  What is wrong with working in a multi level marketing business?

Writing down honestly your story around it, will reveal to you the belief that may be holding you back.   You might realise you are giving your power away to someone else’s beliefs!!!!

2  Believe in your product.

If you sell products that you believe will benefit people then you are doing an injustice to yourself and others by not sharing them.   This is the way I feel about natural essential oils.  I have a knowledge and a belief that they offer a solution to a person’s health and wellness.   Does everyone want them?  Of course not but a lot of people want natural products and when I sell products I have the firm belief that the products will support and maintain their physical and emotional health.

If you struggle around belief in your product then maybe you are not selling a product in alignment with your soul purpose or the very essence of what you believe in.

3  Taking steps in alignment with your business

When you get out of your own way and do business because you believe in it you are doing business with purpose.  Helene Scott calls the actions you do to go forward “branding on purpose”.  You have identified your story, ascertained your reason for doing it (often known as “finding your why“) and each step you take is in accordance with this alignment.

You are at the same time growing and gathering your tribe and finding those that share your beliefs about the products you offer.   You are working in alignment with your story and those around you.  Everything you do is transparent and honest.

4.  Your digital footprint tells your story

If you love your business and your products and use them and blog about them and educate people about them, then people can begin to understand the story you are creating.   On the other hand if you are selling for the sake of selling and doing so without soul this is part of your digital footprint too.   People may “hear” you say one thing but “see” a different story.

Sometimes you may not even realise you are not in control of your business, it is only when someone tells you something, that you see past the story you have told yourself.  If you work on-line your digital footprint is there for all to see.   Each action you make tells a story, each blog you write tells a story.

If you don’t make each action one that comes from your heart you are not creating an authentic business nor are you attracting a tribe in alignment with your soul purpose.

To get out of your comfort zone takes courage and a lot of personal development but you will often hear people who work at their passion saying it doesn’t feel like work at all!

If you would like to work with me as part of my tribe educating and sharing natural essential oils please do not hesitate to contact me at irishhealthhour@gmail.com.

Until next time .. keep following your passion

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Essential Oil Lover, Chakra Teacher, Soul Care Practitioner, Owner at IrishHealthHour 



My Story of Self Discovery with Natural Solutions

Growing up with a big sister who was a Reiki Master and an Aromatherapy Massage Therapist was fun!   I always loved when Jackie would put her “magic” hands on me if I had an ache and pain and remember feeling so good after!   My favourite part of the massage was the oils as I used to hate anyone going near my neck and my feet!

Our environment growing up has a huge effect on us there is no doubt about that.  Sometimes we can perceive our environment as negative and sometimes as positive.   I knew from a young age that whatever my sister was doing worked and I liked it!!

After pursuing a career in law, my love for natural medicine and natural products dwindled a little, there were the years of working, socialising and more working. I was also involved heavily with Junior Chamber in Galway and was Chapter President in 1998.

Moving on a few years to having children and recession!   My job as a freelance Legal Secretary dried up before I had my second son.   I had started to work part-time after my first son was born and my Mum looked after him for me.  Around that time I also started to re kindle my love of natural products and started to buy books on “making your own products”.  It is amazing that our soul calling is always there guiding and nudging us and while at the time I didn’t realise it, my passion was trying to get my attention!

I also followed in my sister’s footsteps studying Reiki back in 2011 and even then I didn’t really know why I was at the workshop!!! It was as if someone had guided me there!

After my first son was diagnosed with asthma and was about to get a nebulizer I went to a homeopath … let’s just say – it worked for us.  My son never did go down the other route!   I have no problem with giving my children medicine if they need it but, whenever possible I use a natural approach.   I have been lucky in this regard.

I have also used natural remedies like essential oils on my children for their emotional well being as well as my own!    When we use natural products we can target specific areas.   For example if my child is feeling anxious about a school project and this is also manifesting as an upset tummy I can blend together two oils so that they will give support for both the anxious feeling and the tummy upset.  It is not a one solution fits all.

When we use natural remedies be it for our skin; our emotional health or whatever we are getting to the root of what is really ailing us.   If someone is chronically stressed there can often be an emotional cause  and our body may be crying out to be listened to.   We can even add natural products to our skin care; we can add Lavender if we have skin that needs calming down and this also has the benefit of calming our central nervous system at the same time!!!

Along the years I have also studied emotional intelligence, NLP and EFT.   I have started to teach emotional intelligence to children as well as having private consultations with both adults and children.   I maintain my family’s health physically and emotionally with medicine from Mother Nature.

I run workshops on using our mindset to our advantage and introduce people to natural solutions to support them on their journey.

I have also in the past two years become known amount some of my friends as “The Chakra Queen” for my workshops on the chakras.  I do believe, and have done the work on myself, that we can use the chakras as a template for personal healing.   Wherever we are stuck in life and this will be different for everyone, we can go to the awareness centre that deals with this issue and get to the bottom of the belief that is stuck there.    Our beliefs are often times interwoven with our emotions and this is then the story we carry around and tell people.   However if this story is not bringing about a good result for us e.g. if we tell everyone we are a very unlucky person in love, we can look at the chakra/s that deals with this story and discover why we have this belief about ourselves.  Perhaps we got hurt in the past and those wounds still linger in our heart chakra stopping us moving forward and opening up to receive love again.   It is not about judging ourselves it is more about discovery and realising we can untangle the beliefs and emotions and create a better story for ourselves.  You can find out more information about my chakra course here.

When it comes to our health and wellness we can always take small steps to be more proactive with reducing our toxic load, we can eat better, sleep better, exercise and combine all these activities with adding more natural produce and products to our lives.  We get one chance at this lifetime let’s make it the best we can!

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner at IrishHealthHour, Health and Wellness Blogger, Author, ReMaster iki and Teacher, Soul Care Practitioner


Veráge™ Skin Care Collection

Veráge™ Skin Care Collection

What you put on your skin is as important as what you eat.  The skin is the largest organ in the body and soaks in all outside agents which  means the bad as well as the good.

While you may not have a choice about your air quality where you live you certainly can make a conscious choice about what you put on your skin.  This skin care collection is 100% natural.   In fact the essential oils used in these products are often the inspiration for synthetically produced pharmaceutical products.

The natural philosophy of the Veráge™ Skin Care Collection is that each plant contains plant extracts that have been extensively researched and have shown to promote youthful looking skin.   The range has been formulated to provide a natural and efficacious system that brings skin back to life.

When you use natural products you are using something that has its own natural rhythm in nature, the ingredients are sourced where they grow best and they are harvested at just the right moment.   Each harvest has its own “fingerprint” and stringent testing is done to ensure the highest quality of the ingredients.  

As well as pure essential oils other  key technologies used in the Veráge™ Skin Care Collection include coconut oil, amino acids, lips of jojoba, olive and macadamia oils, innovative lipid complex  (the same balance used in healthy, youthful looking skin), Vitamin E and fatty acids and 100% natural preservative system. 

Verage skin care collection

The collection includes Veráge™ Cleanser, Toner, Immortelle Hydrating Serum, and Moisturizer.

Each product is composed of true gifts from the Earth.

Veráge™ Cleanser cleanses and invigorates.  It nourishes and hydrates the skin while providing nutrients and antioxidants.  It contains essential oils of Wild Orange, Melaleuca (Tea Tree) and Basil.

Veráge™  Toner tightens and tones while fortifying and refreshing the skin for a glowing complexion.   It can also be used as a mist for refreshing the face throughout the day.    It contains essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Coriander, Cypress and Palmarosa.

Veráge™ Immortelle Hydrating Serum hydrates deeply to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It promotes skin firmness and elasticity which makes it great for more mature skin.   The serum improves the skin barrier function.   It contains essential oils of Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum and Rose.

Veráge™ Moisturiser helps restore balance and provides rich hydration.   It also promotes the regeneration of skin connective tissue.  It rehydrates dry and mature skin and helps to improve the overall health and appearance of our skin.   It contains essential oils of Jasmine, Geranium, Sea Buckthorn Berry and Juniper Berry.

The beauty of using these products is that, as well as having an effect at a physical level the essential oils also work at an emotional level.    The products smell great and as we wear them we are supporting our central nervous system and uplifting our mood!

To me using the Veráge™ Skin Care Collection is a winning combination.  These products are part of my skin care regime and since I have started to use them I feel and see the benefit of their natural qualities.   I love the smell and I love the fact that I have choosen natural products that have no side effects only good ones like mood enhancement!

If you want any information on how to get these wonderful products please do email me at doloresagavin@gmail.com.

Until next time,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment and Assertive Coach, Energy Therapist and Soul Care Practitioner.