5 Tips To Allow Ourselves Thrive

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We may know what we want in life but on some level are holding ourselves back from really thriving.

From my own journey and learning to thrive, I have discovered many ways that help in this process.

1    Not being afraid to express our feelings and wants from our heart is a great place to start our journey to thriving.  This allows direct access to our soul and when we speak from here, we are honouring our own inner voice.

If we get judged remember it’s the other person’s opinion and we really can’t change someone else’s opinion!  It can be hard to do this sometimes but the consequence of not speaking our mind can cause many things; a blocked throat chakra, being passive aggressive rather than being assertive and not honouring our own inner truth.

2   Following on from judgements, be open-minded and prepared to at least look at an alternative way to do something.  If we stay closed and set in our ways, we may lose out on opportunities to better ourselves and may miss out learning more effective ways to do things.

When we look through a different lens we get a different picture.  If our lens is clouded over with false beliefs or limiting closed mind views we get a distorted view of our life.

3   Staying focused on our inner truths and core values and, making sure we are working and making our decisions from this place is a sure way to success in thriving in our lives.

When we steer away from our core values we are not working in alignment with our true north, our inner compass or our gut instinct. We will then not be able to thrive in the way we really want to.

4  Learning to work with our emotions and not against them helps us to thrive in so many ways. See my last blog post on this here.  Each of the emotions has a gem to guide us to where we want to go.

Emotional intelligence is something we can all learn, in my opinion starting to become aware of our emotions is a good start.

5  Knowing ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses and our own uniqueness is essential.  When we work with our strengths, work on our weaknesses (if we so desire!) and be truly ourselves, we become our own unique self, standing in our own power and being  the very best we can be.

You can take a 7 week on-line journey with me where we go in-depth with each of the awareness centres of our energy system; the chakras.  We ask the questions and find our own answers as to what stops us thriving and living the life we desire.  Click here for more details.

Until next time .. keep the faith, Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Author, Chakra Course Creator, Energy Worker and Essential Oil Lover


Therapeutic Benefits of A Seaweed Bath

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There’s something about a swim in the open sea that is so refreshing and dissolves those cobwebs away!   It is also very therapeutic of course to be immersed in nature’s natural minerals.

However living on the West Coast of Ireland I am a bit of a wimp and wear a wet suit every time I venture into the sea.  It has to do with circulation and not being able to feel any part of my body if I don’t!!!

But I don’t need to suffer frost bite in order to benefit from the nutrients in Mother Nature’s ocean; a warm seaweed bath does the job so well!

We are lucky to have a wonderful organic seaweed producer on our doorstep in Galway on the West Coast of Ireland, Connemara Organic Seaweed Company.   I have been enjoying adding their seaweed products to my food including delicious energy balls  I get the nutritional benefits that way.  Before you ask they don’t taste of seaweed!  I made them recently at a workshop I was running to show people  how easy they are to make and how tasty it can be to add seaweed to our food.

The company, Connemara Organic Seaweed Company is in the process of bringing out a luxury spa range of products too .. watch this space!   I have had fun with them on this project!


photo 2(17)

It is scientifically proven that having a seaweed bath is beneficial for supporting our central nervous system and making us feel more calm.  It also supports us with any skin issues we may have, as well as supporting symptoms of arthritis and more general muscle ache and pains.

Seaweed is one of nature’s natural sponges and, because of this, it soaks up lots of wonderful minerals directly from the sea. By the principle of osmosis when we have a seawed bath our skin absorbs these nutrients directly into our system.

Having a seaweed bath also supports the elimination of toxins from our body and increases the flow of oxygen rich blood which is extremely beneficial to maintain healthy organs and tissues.

The gel that is produced when having a seaweed bath coats the body with its nutritious delights and further aids with release of toxins from our body.

The seaweed can be used a second time too which is wonderful, as the calming effect I have felt tonight is something I definitely want to enjoy again!  I added a relaxing essential oil to the bath too to make it even more yummy!

photo 4(10)

It is certainly a treat I look forward to more often and in the comfort of my own home, which is another benefit for me!

Until next time, take it handy

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Author, Energy Therapist, Essential Oil Lover and Mum.




Dig Deep and Find Your Why

Recently I started working on finding “My Why”, figuring out what puts the fire in my belly, what makes me get up in the morning and do the work I do with enthusiasm and not burn out? What makes me show up authentically, now that’s a big one for me. To me being authentic in my work means several things. A lot has to do with courage; having the courage to share my passion and to pass on my knowledge to others. I love teaching and it has required courage for me to follow this path.

Being authentic helped me realise that while I have a huge passion for what I do; not everyone shares that passion and you know… that’s ok. I used to flee from skeptics but over the years I have built up my own self-esteem, put boundaries in place, learned from the knocks and carried on stronger and stronger. I healed from within to make me less afraid of what is outside!

Awareness.. that word comes up all the time when I start the mind mapping, the jotting down of what it is I do; why I do what I do and sometimes even when I try to figure out what I actually do! I am Mother Yes, Author Yes.. you see I can prove both of those; I have two wonderful sons and I have two self-published children’s books. But it’s all the “other stuff” I do and trying to hone in on how to put it all together.

And then there is empowering.. nice word that! So it’s all very well having studied for several years in related courses, now I want to share this knowledge with others and empower them to follow their passion.

So, (I am going somewhere with this..) my passion is about awareness and empowering!

So one thing I do is to teach children awareness of their emotions and empower them to make better choices. We are not talking managing behaviours here; we are talking about empowering them to make their own choices and making them aware of the consequences of doing this in a positive way.

In relation to my love of all things health and wellness I make people aware and empower them to make healthier and more natural choices when it comes to healthcare. Again it is awareness of choice.

The exercise of “Finding Your Why” is a powerful one, it makes you dig deep and often bare all in order to find the essence of what is really at the core of what drives you.

When you come from that space and work from that space life makes sense. You are in the driver’s seat being driven by the passion from inside you, from the very essence of your being. You are not looking outside for external triggers that drive you, this exercise is not about “them” it’s about “you”.

So if you want to take control of your life a good place to start is to dig deep and find your why. Digging deeper again may help you find the courage to make the changes to bring it about.  The hardest part is picking up the pen for the first time.. but when you do the rest will come naturally, it might be a long road but it’s worth it in the end.

Until next time … keep the faith.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and doTERRA Wellness Advocate (contact me at doloresagavin@gmail.com).