Mythical Me .. A Way to Just Be

The saying that we can’t change others only ourselves can run deeper than we may think.

What’s different is the essence of who we are; at our very core.     It can also be called our mythical or universal self.   What makes one of our children’s actions irritate or trigger something in us that would be water off a duck’s back to another.   We may often wonder why siblings can be so different and react in different ways to situations when we feel we were reared the same way.
Why is that?
For the purpose of this blog we are looking at different universal templates/archetypes/ways of being that are within us as we go through life.  AND the good news is that there are universal stories that have similar themes running through them that we can look at and find comfort in.
When I refer to comfort I talk about the real value we can get when we realise many have walked in our footsteps & many more will walk our same path tomorrow.  It’s almost like looking at a handbook for guidance and while the details aren’t always identical, nor are they meant to be, the universal theme is. We may get a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and understand ways we can either embrace or alter our story.
We can feel frustrated with ourselves at times if we can’t figure out why we can’t speak up for ourselves; why we can’t settle down and get married when society tells us we should; why we feel someone can’t just accept us the way we are and not try change us?
If a woman wants to travel the world & excel at her career this energy is authentic to her.  She may at some stage stop and, from her own place of yearning, have a sudden desire to settle down and have a family.
If she is forced against her natural energy to settle down before she feels ready she may carry resentments into her marriage and feel almost like a prisoner.  She may feel her will was taken from her and at some stage she may rebel.
She may also be the woman who, when the children have left home, is unavailable for babysitting duties for her grandchildren as she is off cruising around the world.  She may have embraced her role as mother while the children were small but now feels her work is done, on some levels!
Should we call either selfish?   Are they both just being more authentic by embracing who they really are?
Finding your true self is what makes you tick, it’s what it feels like not to be trapped.  It’s freedom to follow your own goals and dreams. It’s freedom to be you with an understanding of who that person is.
When we are assertive with the way we are we can empower others to do the same.
Until next time …. Keep the faith
Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment & Assertive Coach, Energy and Soul Care Practitioner

Dig Deep and Find Your Why

Recently I started working on finding “My Why”, figuring out what puts the fire in my belly, what makes me get up in the morning and do the work I do with enthusiasm and not burn out? What makes me show up authentically, now that’s a big one for me. To me being authentic in my work means several things. A lot has to do with courage; having the courage to share my passion and to pass on my knowledge to others. I love teaching and it has required courage for me to follow this path.

Being authentic helped me realise that while I have a huge passion for what I do; not everyone shares that passion and you know… that’s ok. I used to flee from skeptics but over the years I have built up my own self-esteem, put boundaries in place, learned from the knocks and carried on stronger and stronger. I healed from within to make me less afraid of what is outside!

Awareness.. that word comes up all the time when I start the mind mapping, the jotting down of what it is I do; why I do what I do and sometimes even when I try to figure out what I actually do! I am Mother Yes, Author Yes.. you see I can prove both of those; I have two wonderful sons and I have two self-published children’s books. But it’s all the “other stuff” I do and trying to hone in on how to put it all together.

And then there is empowering.. nice word that! So it’s all very well having studied for several years in related courses, now I want to share this knowledge with others and empower them to follow their passion.

So, (I am going somewhere with this..) my passion is about awareness and empowering!

So one thing I do is to teach children awareness of their emotions and empower them to make better choices. We are not talking managing behaviours here; we are talking about empowering them to make their own choices and making them aware of the consequences of doing this in a positive way.

In relation to my love of all things health and wellness I make people aware and empower them to make healthier and more natural choices when it comes to healthcare. Again it is awareness of choice.

The exercise of “Finding Your Why” is a powerful one, it makes you dig deep and often bare all in order to find the essence of what is really at the core of what drives you.

When you come from that space and work from that space life makes sense. You are in the driver’s seat being driven by the passion from inside you, from the very essence of your being. You are not looking outside for external triggers that drive you, this exercise is not about “them” it’s about “you”.

So if you want to take control of your life a good place to start is to dig deep and find your why. Digging deeper again may help you find the courage to make the changes to bring it about.  The hardest part is picking up the pen for the first time.. but when you do the rest will come naturally, it might be a long road but it’s worth it in the end.

Until next time … keep the faith.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and doTERRA Wellness Advocate (contact me at doloresagavin@gmail.com).


Standing In Your Own Power

You know that you are standing in your own power when what you are saying is truly resonating with you, on every level and in every cell of your body.   You are stating a truth that just is what it is.   You have captivated the wholeness of your being, you have the wisdom and understanding of your role in the great mystery that is life.  You have come to realise that what affects one affects the whole.   You stand in your own strength.  Like the warrior position in yoga, you can gaze endlessly at the even line that runs from one extended arm to the other, you are a warrior and your strength is coming from within… not without.

When you surround yourself with fears, when you glide through life unconsciously you can almost feel like the nut inside the shell.   Impossible to see out and even harder to get out.   You keep getting knocks but none hard enough to break you free.   You need inner strength to break that shell to let you out, to realise the potential of what is inside.   To be truly free.

Life does not suddenly become a bed of roses – sorry if you thought it would(!) – but you no longer look externally for the answers, you don’t manipulate others or events for personal gain.  What you do have is strength, strength of character, strength of ability, strength to love and to be loved.   You can decipher what is necessary and what is not.  You don’t have to sell your soul to get on, you get on because you are on the right path that suits where YOU want to be and where YOUR strengths lie, no longer relying or having false expectations of what YOU think others should be doing for you.

Find the lesson to be learned in whatever you are going through, observe what it is in the silence of your being, take from it what you need, accept what it is you cannot change, and above all move on.   You need to accept that we are all dark and light, yin and yang and your ability and acceptance of the darkness as well as the light needs to be embraced before the wholeness can be.

Stand in your power and just be ..

Until next time as always keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Intuitive Energy Worker, EFT Master Practitioner, Reiki Master and Quantum Touch Therapist.