3 Ways to Practice Self Love based on universal Mindful Techniques


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We are told often enough that we cannot love another until we truly begin to love ourselves.

How do we begin that journey to self-love?   If we have deep-rooted beliefs about ourselves, for example if we feel we are not lovable or, if society or others have made us feel this way, then it can be a real journey of discovery to find our truth.

When we accept that love is not a destination to be reached but literally a way to walk in life, then we can truly start a journey to self-love.

*            Decrease violence in oneself.

When we speak about violence towards ourselves this can mean violence in many, many forms. Perhaps we use violent self-talk towards ourselves; telling ourselves we are not good enough or maybe we blame ourselves for the actions of others.

When we start to unravel our stories around this self-talk we can begin our journey to healing and to self-love.   We are, each one of us, entitled to receive love. We may have been hurt many times in the past but this does not mean we are not entitled to be loved.   Maybe the people we have fallen in love with are not capable of giving us love or, of giving us the love we need.   Maybe their beliefs about themselves hold them back from truly giving.

We can accept this fact and forgive ourselves for loving someone who was not capable of giving us love.

* Develop the practice of deep listening.

When we listen to what our body needs and what our emotions are telling us we can take the steps to align ourselves with self-love.

If our default emotion is anger, then maybe our anger is trying to tell us that we need to build stronger boundaries. Maybe our sadness is telling us that we need to listen to our gut instinct and let someone or something go.   Maybe our back pain or pelvic problems are telling us we don’t have enough support in our life and that we need to surround ourselves more with supportive people.

When we hone in and really listen we will begin to realise that self-love starts with listening to ourselves and not to others.

* Avoid using toxins and poisons.

When we use toxic substances in excess in order to fill gaps in our heart we are not respecting ourselves.   It is an act of self-love to realise that toxins and poisons won’t mend a broken heart.   If we stop and find the reason our heart is broken and take steps in ourselves to mend it, we have a better chance of not needing to rely on anything else to fix or heal us.   We will have realised that the power is inside us all the time.

Mindfulness brings us into the present moment but it also brings us to a place of where we are consciously looking and listening to what our body really needs.   When we listen to what our body needs and wants and act on these signals and messages we begin the journey of walking a life based on self-love that will seep out into all areas of live and have a ripple affect on the way others treat us.

Until next time; keep the faith Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Soul Care Practitioner, Author and Essential Oil Lover.


4 Ways to Build an Authentic Tribe in a Multi Level Marketing Biz

“Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing”.

When you build a business from your authentic self and do what makes your heart sing then you naturally align yourself with like minded people who share your passion.    People buy people not products, your authentic way of doing business will attract your tribe to you.

Sometimes if a passion you have found is based on a multi level marketing model lots of things might come up for you to work through.   I was one of those people (for me it is essential oils) !   Why is this?  Because of your own stories around this model, or perhaps the stories you have heard from others.

1  Getting Out of Your Own Way

However if you are passionate about something, and the business model happens to be a multi level marketing company, you can often let this get in your way of going forward with your business.

You might form a story in your head around the whole scenario.   Maybe you feel people will run a mile from you because they think you are trying to sell them something!   The very fact that you are in a sales position may frighten the living daylights out of you!!!  You may tell everyone you are not a sales person.   You are literally standing in your own way.

You can ask yourself a very important question and by answering this question honestly you can shed light on your core beliefs.  What is wrong with working in a multi level marketing business?

Writing down honestly your story around it, will reveal to you the belief that may be holding you back.   You might realise you are giving your power away to someone else’s beliefs!!!!

2  Believe in your product.

If you sell products that you believe will benefit people then you are doing an injustice to yourself and others by not sharing them.   This is the way I feel about natural essential oils.  I have a knowledge and a belief that they offer a solution to a person’s health and wellness.   Does everyone want them?  Of course not but a lot of people want natural products and when I sell products I have the firm belief that the products will support and maintain their physical and emotional health.

If you struggle around belief in your product then maybe you are not selling a product in alignment with your soul purpose or the very essence of what you believe in.

3  Taking steps in alignment with your business

When you get out of your own way and do business because you believe in it you are doing business with purpose.  Helene Scott calls the actions you do to go forward “branding on purpose”.  You have identified your story, ascertained your reason for doing it (often known as “finding your why“) and each step you take is in accordance with this alignment.

You are at the same time growing and gathering your tribe and finding those that share your beliefs about the products you offer.   You are working in alignment with your story and those around you.  Everything you do is transparent and honest.

4.  Your digital footprint tells your story

If you love your business and your products and use them and blog about them and educate people about them, then people can begin to understand the story you are creating.   On the other hand if you are selling for the sake of selling and doing so without soul this is part of your digital footprint too.   People may “hear” you say one thing but “see” a different story.

Sometimes you may not even realise you are not in control of your business, it is only when someone tells you something, that you see past the story you have told yourself.  If you work on-line your digital footprint is there for all to see.   Each action you make tells a story, each blog you write tells a story.

If you don’t make each action one that comes from your heart you are not creating an authentic business nor are you attracting a tribe in alignment with your soul purpose.

To get out of your comfort zone takes courage and a lot of personal development but you will often hear people who work at their passion saying it doesn’t feel like work at all!

If you would like to work with me as part of my tribe educating and sharing natural essential oils please do not hesitate to contact me at irishhealthhour@gmail.com.

Until next time .. keep following your passion

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Essential Oil Lover, Chakra Teacher, Soul Care Practitioner, Owner at IrishHealthHour 



What Chakras Are In A Nutshell!

Chakra pic mineAs well as having a physical body that is made up of what we can see, like our bones and organs, we also have an emotional or energy body which is not visible to the naked eye but which can certainly be felt, as it is here that our feelings and emotions reside.

Blood flows around our physical body in veins and arteries and energy flows around our emotional or energy body in meridians and through energy centres called chakras.

When we do an energy therapy like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Reiki we are tapping into this energetic body releasing any stuck energy or trapped emotions and beliefs.  Emotions are also made from energy (e/motion – energy in motion), it is here that those emotions we do not deal with are stored.   Because the emotional and physical bodies are so closely related when we cause a change in our emotional body we are in fact causing an effect on our physical body as well. For example if we clear stress from an area of our body that feels tight like our shoulders, we are loosening this area on a physical level as well as releasing the stress from the emotional body.

The chakras act as energy centres, each energy centre being a centre, which processes a different awareness.   We can liken this to when we go to a shopping centre or mall and go to different shops for different things we want to buy.   For example if we are looking to work with self esteem issues then we go to the chakra which processes this energy type. If we struggle with speaking our truth (throat chakra) or standing in our power (solar plexus) we go to the relevant energy centre where we can specifically focus on getting rid of any energetic blocks there.

Starting at the root chakra is a great option.   The root charka is our foundation and has a lot to do with what we would consider survival issues for example the right to be here and to belong.

There is a verse in the The Cold Play Song Viva La Vida that describes a journey without a good foundation.   It goes.

“One minute I held the key

Next the walls were closed on me

And I discovered that my castles stand

Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand”

When our foundations are not solid our journey won’t be so easy.   If we have a good foundation, which is based on trust, and we feel we have a right to be here and belong then our journey will be from a secure place and we will better be able to ride out tough times when they happen to us.

We can get clarity about where we are stuck in our life by looking at the chakras as a template. We can ask ourselves questions that are relevant to each of the chakras and see for ourselves what areas we can work on to help us in a particular situation.

Flowing energy is what we want to achieve. We want to be able to have all the experiences that life has to offer, whether we perceive them good or not but ultimately we want them to flow while not getting ourselves stuck as we go along.

Sometimes one of our chakras can become “excessive” in its energy. This means that we have an excess of energy here and need to let some of it go. Also we may need to relax more in relation to any particular energy centre.   An example could be excess in our power centre where we power over others, whether we mean to or not.   This excess of power over others will not lead to balanced relationships.

In relation to the first chakra maybe we need to eat less or work less.   We look at ways to bring balance to whatever in our life needs balancing.   Getting structured in this way is a very first chakra related activity!!!

On the other hand our chakras can be deficient or not have enough energy so they are not in a state of balance. In this case we allow our chakra to receive whatever it needs to receive or we may need to hold onto something in a particular chakra. For example in the heart chakra we may need to allow ourselves receive love and hold onto good feelings about ourselves.

The Chakras

  • There are seven major chakras; five aligned along our spinal chord, one in our forehead and one at the top of our head.
  • Each chakra has a different focus of awareness.

Root chakra deals with our survival needs; our grounding. Element Earth.

Sacral chakra deals with our passion for life; our creativity and is our emotional centre.   Element Water.

Solar plexus deals with our will, our personal power and moving forward with purpose. Element Fire.

Heart chakra is our centre of unconditional love and compassion for self & others. Air.

Throat chakra is about communication & being able to speak our truth & hear others. Element Sound

Third eye chakra is imagination & knowing what we know/wisdom/gut instinct. Element Vision.

Crown chakra The awareness of this centre comes from a place of knowing. We have a belief that things are possible and we have transcended fears and work more on our desires.   Element Thought

When we go through a journey of the chakras and reach the crown we come to the realisation that we can actually break through any barriers that are in our life that are keeping us stuck, we have learned to let go of old wounds and the habit of either living in the past or the future and we are able to be in the now, where all the change happens.   We can see things as they really are.

We have learned to be our authentic self with good boundaries in place, we have focused attention on what we want and where we want to go and, we are able to navigate our emotions.

We can use essential oils or crystals as tools in our journey through the chakras if we desire.

For more information on studying chakras with me click here.

Until next time, Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Health and Wellness Blogger, Energy Therapist and Soul Care Practitioner.


Don’t Take It Personally … 5 Tips To Help Us Cope!

In the wonderful inspiring book The Fifth Agreement Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz give a wonderful explanation of the importance of why it is good not to take things personally.

However there are times when we get off centre with this practice, well I know I do!!

The emotional labyrinth of life can have us stuck in the lost lagoon at times, where we feel a little lost and alone.   We may need to take time out and re access where we are and what we are doing.   Or we may find ourselves in the centre of the sea of sharks where at each point there is someone waiting to bite at our toes.   Maybe we are stuck here because we are standing up for something that we believe in and our views are shaking the core of other’s beliefs. Or we might be blissfully happy in the island of love, a great place to be but one that we need not stay stuck in either.    We need our emotions and feelings and different states to keep us moving.   Our feelings and emotions fuel our actions and where we are, in any particular moment will be triggered as such.

We can be having a sad day when memories of lost loved ones are embedded in our minds and from such a place a perfectly harmless (or not!) remark from another can have us in floods of tears.   Why?  One reason may be that our boundaries are down, we are not feeling grounded and therefore we are wide open to pick up the projections of others.

1 Keep moving.   No matter where we find ourselves, it is good to be there mindfully.   We do not want to get stuck in any particular state we want to take stock and then move on.   When we stay mindful to our moods and emotions we can learn what our body needs.  If we are stuck in sadness we may need to let something go.  When we are stuck in fear we may need to focus on what is frightening us.    When we are in a loop of anger we may need to put up some boundaries.   When we are mindful of where we are we are less likely to allow what others say to us hurt or offend.   We know where we are and we may have accepted that we need to stay here a while mindfully before moving on.

2  Protecting ourselves energetically.  When our guard is down and we are walking aimlessly and mindlessly through our days we are more likely to be affected by the opinions and projections of others.  So protection is important and we can do this in any way we want to.  We can visualise ourselves in a protective bubble where the harsh words of others can linger on the outside of our bubble and not affect us.   Eventually they will dissipate.  We always allow the good in, but with our intention we ask the negative to stay outside.

3 Grounding.   When we are grounded whether that be to the earth or the stars we bring ourselves into the present moment and are able to deal with whatever life throws at us in a more balanced way.   We may be better able to laugh things off or understand and intrepret messages better.  When we ground to the earth we can imagine ourselves like a tree with our roots firmly in the ground below, swaying with the howling winds but finding ourselves able to stand our ground and come back to centre.

4 Take it personally sometimes!!!!!  And what I mean by this is sometimes what someone is telling us is guiding us out of the lost lagoon or away from the sea of sharks.  Sometimes we take it personally because we are looking at a deception, one that we may have made ourselves.   This is nothing to be ashamed of, we can often live in a deception around a story where we only look at one side and fail to see the other.  Perhaps we are not aware of all the facts around the story and we have formed our own interpretation!!!    Sometimes the other person may give us a nugget of gold if we are brave enough to accept it!

5 Smile and be brave.  Even on the days when we are feeling vulnerable we can force a smile and allow a little light in.    Our brain can be fooled quite easily into thinking we are in a good mood .. that is why visualising ourselves in our favourite place happy works! .. so smile, be vulnerable and allow the world to smile and be brave and vulnernable with us!    And yes vulnerable and brave can be in the same sentence, in my opinion for, to be vulnerable you gotta be brave 🙂

Until next time …

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Assertive and Empowerrment Coach and a vulnerable person at times who takes things personally!!!!


It’s a Mindset Thing – 4 Steps To Freedom!

Mindset and being mindful are real buzz words at the moment and in my opinion, rightly so!  Every time I get stopped in my tracks in the middle of a project, a conversation or anything that makes me shrink back into my shell, I know I am getting stuck in my mind!

I teach mindfulness and emotional intelligence to children and it is wonderful to see how they react when they realise that by changing the way they act they can get a better result for themselves!   Children are like sponges and in general until about the age of 11 will gladly participate in cool ways to explore their mind!  

Number 1 for me in relation to mindset is simply awareness.   I am talking a real awareness that it IS a mindset thing.   Just say out loud, or in your head, next time you shrink from something; feel like you are not good enough or decide to give up on a project.   It’s a mindset thing!    That 2 seconds it takes to say this to yourself is enough to stop the mind clatter and to bring you back into the present moment where all the action is happening anyway.    It’s a mindset thing.

Number 2 Name it, if you can!   What is it that is stopping me?   Where is it located … hint can you feel it in your stomach, in your head, in your heart, what does it make you feel like?  Do you feel unworthy, too tired, too overwhelmed, too under educated?    

When you name something, although you limit it somewhat, you get an understanding of what it is you can work on.   Maybe you need a rest, a walk, maybe you need to take a course or maybe you are letting what you think other people think about you fuel your actions!   Even the realisation that you are giving your power away like that may be enough to make you think twice!!!  It’s a mindset thing! 

Number 3 own the story you have now discovered.   You don’t have to tell anyone but just own it or in other words, admit it to yourself.   If you decide to tell someone make that be a decision for yourself.   Bear in mind you may get someone else’s judgement about your story!

When you own the story you are taking your power back over it.   You have confirmed to yourself that it is a mindset thing and you then have the choice to change it!

Number 4 is taking action.    You have become aware of it, named it and owned it, the only thing left to do is take action.  Yes this is the getting out of the comfort zone bit, the pushing through the barriers, the overcoming fears, the putting up boundaries to protect your self worth, developing better self worth and so on.

There are lots of self help tools to help us along the way to taking action.  Here is a complementary lesson on Emotional Freedom Technique, or maybe you would prefer a chakra meditation.   And yes for those of you that know me, there is an oil for that!!!

Until next time … know that it is a mindset thing and mindset things can be changed!

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment & Assertive Coach, Energy Therapist & Soul Care Practitioner.


Life is in Each Step of the Present Moment

The great thing about the present moment is that each thing you do creates your tomorrow.  Imagine the power in that!  Imagine if you are aligning yourself now in the present moment with a step that will take you towards a goal you are striving for?

Each step no matter how small is a step closer!   So imagine if what you are doing now in your present moment is not in alignment with your goal, where are you going then?

When you clearly know you want something e.g. a change of career, a promotion, a new relationship then becoming mindful of each of your actions in the present moment, realising that your thoughts and emotions are fueling your actions is a great way to keep yourself on track with what you really want!

Emotions are a great guide to where you are at in any given moment.   How do you feel right now in this present moment?

Did you wake up refreshed and full of hope for the New Year or did you get stopped in your tracks by a feeling of sadness, despair or fear over something you really want to achieve?

Being mindful of the fact that your emotions are fueling your actions is eye opening.

It is important also to realise that guilt may creep in and you may fall into victim mode and say “Typical me bringing myself down again”.   Realise though that this guilt will drag you down further.   Guilt, like any other of the emotions is just energy in motion; e (energy) .. motion, and you can get this piece of energy to move.

You have the choice to stay in guilt or you have the choice to move that energy into something with a higher vibration; or in other words something that will make you feel better.

Having an attitude and emotion of hope that you can get out of despair and guilt is already a great start.    Look up and look forward.   Realise that you can move any emotion that is dragging you down.   Get a picture of anything that makes you feel happy and hold it in your mind today. Visualisation works, of that there is no doubt.   Holding a happy thought is fueling your actions from a place of happiness.

Keep track of your thoughts and emotions today and if one comes in that makes you feel off track ask yourself is this really true what I am feeling?   If it is ask yourself do you want to stay here in this energy or do you want to move on away from it?    You have already started to break the link that will keep you stuck when you realise you can change it.

For more information on helping yourself with stuck emotions check out my web site.

Until next time keep the faith ….

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Empowerment and Assertive Coach, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and Energy Therapist.


5 Essential Oils to Create Harmony In Your Home this Season

The holiday season brings families and friends together, lots of different energies, opinions and judgments all competing for a chance to be heard or not!   For some the holidays are a wonderful happy occasion and for others it might be sad as they remember someone who is no longer with them.   For others too they may spend the holidays alone.

Whatever the holidays bring for us we can activate our sense of smell with essential oils and support balance and stability in both our physical body and our emotional body.

The quality of air in our environment and what we smell has a huge impact on us.   We can change our own personal vibration and enhance the quality of the air we are breathing by diffusing essential oils.

When diffusing essential oils or in fact anything with an essence we want to make sure it is subtle and not overpowering.   A small amount of 1 – 2 drops of oil diffusing at any one time is ample.

We can choose an essential oil specifically for the effect we want to achieve.

Because we are all so different and all like different smells and different foods, choosing which essential oil to use can be challenging but it’s not impossible.

Here are 5 essential oils to choose from to create the right atmosphere for your home this holiday season.


From a grounded place we can start a journey of going where we need to go!   And this oil gives us the groundedness we need to support our emotional balance and our nervous system.   It supports a sense of calm and peacefulness when it is diffused.   It has a non-intrusive woody smell that can be used as a perfume.

This oil is great to diffuse when we want to bring balance into our homes.   It can also be blended with several other oils and goes great with the citrus ones.

It is a great choice for family gatherings,


Lemon essential oil has a wonderful uplifting smell and creates an ambience of alertness and focus.

A great oil to diffuse to keep the air purified and clear when people are busy dashing around the place getting ready for the holidays.

It supports on so many levels including mood issues and feelings of tiredness, which is a common complaint at holiday time.

It is another good choice as a non-intrusive smell that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Most of us are familiar with the wonderful calming effects of Lavender.   Because it is made from compounds that support the nervous system it is a great oil to diffuse to bring about peace and harmony as we all begin to vibrate at the same wonderful calming frequency as the oil itself!

It supports a sense of relaxation and unwinding which are certainly attributes that benefit all the different types of energies mingling in our home during the holiday season.

It has a familiar scent to it and most people by association know that Lavender is the oil of calmness.


With Peppermint the rule of a little going a long way is certainly a good rule of thumb, in my opinion.   It is known as the oil of the buoyant heart as it has the ability to support us opening up our wonderful heart chakra and allowing us take more air into our lungs!

When we do this we automatically feel better as we have more air circulating through each cell of our body.

Peppermint also supports the digestive system so it is a great after dinner oil to diffuse when everyone is finished having his or her fill of holiday treats.


This wonderful fresh smelling oil is a wonderful choice for its’ support as a tonic.  It also supports in cleansing both the air we breath and other systems of our body including the sympathetic nervous system.   It helps maintain a good atmosphere when it is diffused and supports the moods of those who inhale it.

Because it also supports with digestion it is another good choice to diffuse when there are large amounts of food being consumed!

It blends well with most other oils and could be used with a grounding oil like Cedarwood to enhance feelings of being grounded and energised at the same time.

For more information on essential oils you can contact me at doloresagavin@gmail.com

Dolores Andrew- Gavin, Author, Assertive and Empowerment Coach, Energy Therapist