4 Things Not to Forget to Bring Camping!

I am just back from a scout camping trip with my two boys aged 12 & 7.  It was a fantastic trip to the beautiful Lough Key Forest Park.  We were staying in the nearby Lough Keel Scout camp.

When travelling with children there are just some things that make life a lot easier!

1   Healthy Snacks to Keep the Hunger at Bay!


When you are on camping trips that have organised events and dedicated meal times it is important, when you have hungry kids, to have healthy snacks to fill the gaps between the meals.  Of course every camp will have delicious smores and chocolate biscuits but also having some healthy snacks keep the kids sustained for longer during the day time.

I made some really healthy energy balls for myself and some delicious brownies for my boys.  The brownies are made from a recipe I borrowed from Connemara Organic Seaweed Company and are made with peanut butter, cocao powder, seaweed and some other delicious ingredients.  My 7 year old does not eat peanuts or seaweed but when they are mixed in this recipe he cannot get enough of them!!!  Yea I know I am a sneaky Mum but I also have two very hungry boys (they take after their Mother there!!).

2  A natural insect repellent.

I use one made with natural essential oils, that way I don’t mind putting it all over my face and neck.   I have very sensitive skin and make my own beauty products for this reason.

Because we were in a forest area I covered myself and the kids with the essential oil  blend and we managed to stay bite free this weekend.  What a relief!

3 An extra layer of clothes for bed time.

Despite the average for the time of year temperatures, night times in tents can be cooler, especially if you are a cold creature like me!   I have been reliably informed that it is not advisable to leave the same clothes on at night that you have had on during the day!  This one is a hard sell to my 12 year old who would only be too happy to do this!   It really is good to have plenty of layers for night time wear and special socks only for night time use!

At least with layers you can add or take off whichever is needed.

4  Spare bags for wet shoes/socks and anything else!

Even if there isn’t a shower in sight shoes and socks can get wet from spills, water sports or anything else that children can find themselves up to!

There is nothing worse than leaving wet shoes on top of the only spare clothes you have or finding a wet sock wrapped up in a towel!   Plastic bags or any space bags are good for putting wet things in, which saves everything else in the tent from getting destroyed by smells or water!!

It is essential to have fun on a camp, that is the whole point and simple choices can certainly help this be achieved!

Most kids love camping for the sheer freedom and for the friends they naturally make.

There are lots of camp sites throughout Ireland, always make a list of your expectations before you go of what you want the campsite to have and find one that suits your needs.   Some are closer to shops than others and some have more facilitites.  Doing your homework before you go will ensure your trip will be more enjoyable for everyone.

Happy Summer holidays to you all – my aim is to have the best Summer ever!

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Energy Therapist, Essential Oil Lover and Mum.


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