Kick out the Auto Pilot and Take Back Control of Your Health!

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Have you ever been going somewhere and when you reached the destination wonder how you got there? Do you find you do not remember passing an important landmark en route? Worse still were you actually driving the vehicle?

When you allow the auto pilot of your mind take control, you may find you become more of an observer in your life as it passes you by and, this can include your health and wellness.

You may say; “I don’t remember what I ate yesterday or the day before, I just ate what was there”. Or “I can’t remember the last time I went for a walk”.

You can kick that autopilot out though and decide to become mindful and take the controls firmly back into your hands.

To become mindful is to become conscious of what you are doing in any given moment.   In a nutshell being “aware” of the choices you are making. It is stopping and noticing what you are doing.

This can be done in relation to what you are eating, how you exercise and above all is the key to unlocking your mindset.

Mindful eating.

In such a busy, social media, technology age many of us don’t take the time to eat well; you may say you don’t have time! You may prepare the dinner listening to a pod cast, or you might opt for a take away.   Whichever choice you pick be mindful or aware of it.

You can make a choice though to switch off the pod cast, leave down the phone and tune in to the act of preparing your food and you can choose what you are going to eat in a more mindful way.

This process of slowing down helps your mind clear the clatter momentarily; you focus on one thing and what you want the outcome to be;

“What am I going to choose to eat”.

It allows space for new ideas to come in.   Maybe you will remember a healthier choice you have in the cupboard.   Maybe you will remember the advice someone gave you about a particular type of food   Being mindful takes you from autopilot to being an aware person in charge of what you are eating.

Mindful exercise

When you become mindful of eating more healthily and making choices that are better for you this can open up your mind for the possibilities of making better choices in relation to exercise.

Whether you decide to take the stairs at work instead of the lift or walk the 5 minutes to the bus stop instead of driving do it mindfully.   If your children are with you give them your full attention, if you are alone count how many breaths it takes for you to do each step.

This is a simple mindfulness practice and brings you right back to the present moment.   You only have one thing on your mind and you are allowing yourself be present with that one thing.

You will see the benefits of these simple practices straight away and it may even entice you to walk more or to take up another form of exercise as a way of releasing the mind from the burdens that weigh you down.

The burdens may very well be there after the exercise but your mindset will be so much more positive and you will be able to take on challenges and obstacles in a more mindful way.

It is never too late to grab the steering wheel back firmly in your hand and plot the route you want to take and the type of food you want to eat while you are getting there.

The first step may be hardest but the results are mind changing!

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Energy Therapist, Soul Care Practitioner and Essential Oil Lover


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