Surrounded by Beauty at Galway Now and ITWBN #galwayfashiontrail

I have never considered myself a car junkie, I have always valued my car for its functionality rather than its beauty.   My car is what gets the kids and myself from one hurling pitch to the next, or one scouting adventure to the next, or so it was. Let me tell you that changed after my trip to Colm Quinn’s BMW dealership for a blogging breakfast before Galway Now and ITWBN’s #galwayfashiontrail!

photo 3 (3)photo 1 (3)photo 2 (2)

I have now become a car fashionista after being immersed in the beauty of BMW beauties tied in red ribbons.   AND it wasn’t the red ribbons that got me it was the sheer beauty of the cars themselves and they even have a BMW 7 seater.   Let’s just say it’s now on my vision board!!

Well a girl can dream of hurling and scout trips in luxurious leather seats with air conditioning and soft music playing in the background!

Our blogging day out, as part of Galway Fashion Week in conjunction with Galway Now and ITWBN on the #galwayfashiontrial had certainly started off in style.

We left Colm Quinn’s in a convey of BMWs in a journey which took us through Galway City.   Not a mucky hurling boot inside any of these cars, just excited bloggers thrilled to be part of a beauty filled day!!!

We arrived at our first stop to the bemusement of several onlookers, well it’s not every day you see a BMW convey carrying chattering beauties to their destination!

We were treated to our first of many fashion treats at Don’t Call Me Dear in Mill Street.  A fashionable boutique in a quiet side of Galway and one that provides a fashion solution for every possible occasion. The hats were divine as well!!!  I will certainly be popping back!

Galway_Fashion_Trail_photo_Julia_Dunin (93)



Next stop was the delightful Willow boutique.   The fashion show here was a splendid mixture of colour, beauty and hand bags … yes the hand bags at Willow got my juices flowing.   A stylish boutique for sure!

Galway_Fashion_Trail_photo_Julia_Dunin (137)





Off to the Latin Quarter next and a visit to Choice Boutique.   We were greeted with Prosecco and cakes and more delightful ensembles. My taste buds had been stimulated and I gave in here and purchased a wonderful Mum sized handbag with plenty of room for mine, my 12-year-old and my 7 year old’s “stuff”. From soldiers to treats my handbags need room to produce a solution at the drop of a hat!

Galway_Fashion_Trail_photo_Julia_Dunin (238)


Speaking of hats we moved across the road to the fabulous Kilkenny! Not the black and amber kind that would set the hairs rising on the arms of any maroon and white Galway hurling gal, but more an institution of the fashion kind!   The hats here were divine as well and the outfits on the beautiful girls from Catwalk Modelling Agency were stunning.  The models were gracious and friendly in the midst of flashes and phone cameras!

Galway_Fashion_Trail_photo_Julia_Dunin (290)


A quick pit stop for some after lunch was a tasty Irish coffee at one of Galway’s finest establishments Garavans Bar.     A trendy but delightfully “not too modernised” type bar (I remember when this place was an old style grocery, yea I know I am one of the older bloggers!!!). I love old Galway establishments that stand the test of modernisation and survive because of the essence that feels almost embedded in the walls!    It’s a great Galway pub that you can chat to the locals at the bar in .. mind you be careful not to take their seats …ah only kidding!

We headed to Pia next for another delightful fashion show.   There were many a Pia bag seen hanging from the bloggers hands after this treat.   Colour was huge and there was a huge variety of both short dresses and maxi dresses!   This was my first time here and I tried on a real pretty dress .. might go back to have a second viewing!

Galway_Fashion_Trail_photo_Julia_Dunin (381)


Galway_Fashion_Trail_photo_Julia_Dunin (319)


The next stop was to another long established Galway shop run by the well known Mary Bennett. I was telling Mary that my parents used to bring me to see “the real Santa” in O’Gorman’s Shop which was there before the Treasure Chest.  Everyone knew the real Santa only came to O’Gormans! Well the magic from the real Santa certainly has not disappeared over the years and we were treated to a fashion extravaganza on the first floor.   And the Prosecco flowed once again!  A boutique really not to be left out of any fashionista’s shopping trip.

photo (25)


Out next port of call was Gosh shoes in the Eyre Square centre! Here we were treated to a feast of shoes and hats to suit any occasion; from trendy highs to fashionable lows. Who said fashion had to be painful?  At Gosh shoes they can certainly come up with a fashion choice for any situation!

photo (24)

Our last but definitely not least visit was to the beautiful Colette Latchford which is a gem of a boutique not far from Eyre Square! It is well-known by Galwegians as a treasure trove of glamour and one that we are only too happy to share with visitors to the City of the Tribes.   Colours exploded and bloggers were again thrilled with the diversity of fashion that our wonderful city has to offer.

So today I am back to wearing track suits and ill mixed socks (the washing machine’s fault not mine) and driving my child friendly car.   But life changes and so do we.   I was ecstatic to be immersed in so much beauty for the bloggers day out; beautiful people; beautiful friends, beautiful cars, beautiful fashion and a re-ignited realisation that as a Mum I too can immerse myself in beautiful things .. it’s totally possible 🙂  Thank you Galway Now and ITWBN for a day to remember!

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment and Assertive Coach, Energist Therapist and essential oil lover.


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