5 Things that Stop Us Standing In Our Power & How To Change Them

We often don’t allow ourselves step into our power.   Allow might seem a strange word for me to use but at the end of the day the choice is always ours.   We can find ourselves in situations which we cannot change and have no power over, but we always have power over our mindset. And we always have a choice with our mindset! It is our very own hard wiring software that runs the show and is made up from stories formed by our experiences to date, possibly some inherited traits from ancestral heritage and how we perceive the world around us.

When we want to step more into our power the chakra or energy centre that governs this awareness, for the most part, is the solar plexus.   Just like our stomach metabolises our food to give us energy to do what we want to do, so too does our solar plexus metabolise our thoughts and emotions which fuel our actions.

So here are ways to truly begin the journey of stepping into our power.

  • 1 Feelings of not having the right to have.

The way we view ourselves around our basic right to have what we need and to have our basic needs met has a huge impact on the very foundations of our life.   We may feel like we did not have our basic needs met and past experiences may have re-enforced this.

While there are some things we just cannot change about our circumstances, we can change our mindset to one of being entitled to have our basic needs met.

Becoming mindful and quietening the mind can be a huge first step in this process.   We can start by closing our eyes, concentrating on our breath and allowing ourselves to just be.     In this moment we can allow our mind to start visioning what we feel we need in order to have our basic needs met. It is a simple exercise but can be a life changing one.

  • 2 Feeling not good enough.

How we feel about ourselves can be made up of lots of different stories, which have been formed in our mind by our experiences to date; what society tells us we should be like or should do.

How we digest all these stories has a huge effect on our mindset.   If we find ourselves stuck in a story that we want to change we can use this exercise.

Get a pen and paper, yes a pen and paper and not a computer or any other electrical device.   When we write we access our very essence, the authentic part that knows deep down that we are good enough.

Writing down a story that we are struggling with is a great tool. Circle the emotions that come up.   We can ask ourselves what are these emotions trying to tell us?

  • 3 An emotion arises that stops us in our tracks.

Our emotions are wonderful pieces of energy that direct us exactly to what we need to do.   Yes we can actually thank our emotions even the ones we call “negative”.   Our rages and our extreme sadness can bring us to the core of what it is we need to change in our life and step into our power.

Using a tool like Emotional Freedom Technique is a wonderful way to remove the charge of any emotion that seems to be causing a result we don’t want to keep having.

Remembering that emotions are just energy in motion is always a good thing.   We are not our emotions, they are merely pieces of energy and we have the power to tame them and turn them into powerful magnetising pieces of energy.

  • 4 Afraid to be seen in case it upsets others.

In her poem “Our greatest fear” by Marianne Williamson one of the lines says, “There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you”.

We all know the saying that what others say about us is a reflection of them and not actually a truth about us.   When we allow ourselves to shine and be seen we trigger stories in others, but that is their story not ours. We don’t have control over the mindset of others; we only have control over our own!

If we allow ourselves stay small so as not to upset someone we are giving our personal power away.   We can change our mindset to one of being an inspiration to others remembering that when we hold an intention that is where our energy will flow.

  • 5 Not allowing ourselves to receive recognition.

Subconsciously we can block ourselves from receiving what would otherwise allow us step into our power.   Old stories from our past may have caused us to put up defence mechanisms to block others from hurting us but instead of protecting us, at times they actually block us.   When we close down our wonderful heart centre we block ourselves from receiving all that we truly deserve in order to step into our own personal power.

For more information on working with me or to purchase my self-study on line chakra course contact me here.

Until next time …. Keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Assertive and Empowerment Coach, Energy Therapist and Soul Care Practitioner


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