Open & Allow in More of What You Want

Sometimes we hold onto things so tightly we almost smother ourselves and stop anything good coming in.  We close our heart chakra, raise our shoulders to our ears & walk around tense & anxious.

When we become mindful of this we can begin the “opening and allowing” process to start.
We can begin by breathing into our heart.
“Imagine your heart as petals of a flower and watch as the petals open as if responding to the start of summer and opening to new life.
Let your shoulders drop and your jaw loosen.  Allow your eyes to just be, neither darting back and forth nor judging what they see.
Feel your body fill with oxygen and imagine nourishment and light penetrating every cell of your body.
Just be and allow whatever wants to surface to surface.
Let today be the first day of the rest of your life”.
You can return to this mindful peaceful state anytime you wish.   It is also good to journal or write about anything that comes up for you.
Enjoy my complementary chakra meditation above.   You can take my self study course of the chakras here.
Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Energy Therapist and Soul Care Practitioner and Empowerment Coach.
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