Self Help to Rid Yourself of Addictions

If you are ready to rid yourself of a habit you consider negative like smoking or you want to cut out having a vino or beer in the evening, then learning a self help tool like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a great way to start.  Even if you feel you couldn’t possibly get through a day without a cigarette or your nightly glass of vino you can still use this technique to start you on the road to freedom and recovery.

I have been there!

As an ex smoker myself I am fully aware of the pull that smoking can have.   Sometimes you can have a false belief about smoking or drinking that it is actually keeping you safe from life’s shocks, you reach for a cigarette when you get a fright and you feel it helps calm your nerves.  But does it really?    Does a cigarette magically make everything bad go away?   Are you smoking or drinking for so long you are almost afraid of giving up for fear of the emotions that will come up for you.

To get the ball rolling thinking about these things can start a shift and when you realise your thoughts are fueling your actions then you realise by changing your thoughts you can change your actions.

When you begin to let go the beliefs that cause your thought forms then you can change them to beliefs that are more authentic to your true nature.  Imagine being able to say “I know I don’t need cigarettes in my life, they cost me money that I no longer want to spend on them.   I choose to let go this habit and to create the reality I really want”.

Contacting the beliefs that create our thoughts 

Sometimes you can freeze the energy around an event that happened to you in your life. This is the body’s automatic response when confronted with a stressful situation. Your body automatically goes into the “fight, flight of freeze” phase.   Sometimes energy can freeze so hard that it becomes stuck and the story around it becomes part of you.    Just like a river that freezes over in winter and neither ebbs nor flows, your energy can become frozen around a life story also.

To unfreeze the energy around something, allow yourself a bit of a break to start with; this energy may have frozen in order to protect you subconsciously.   If your body went into freeze mode it did so for a reason. There may be emotions like shame or guilt attached to the story but these emotions will soon dissipate when the story is uncovered.

When your energy is in flow then life flows.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique

When you use a therapy like Emotional Freedom Technique you begin speaking your story; you put into words exactly what is frozen. Even if you don’t verbalise it directly you may speak about the emotions around it.    If your story is traumatic you don’t have to relive it,  you just work with the emotions.

Sometimes it may be that you do not know why you are frozen in relation to a certain area of your life.  In this situation you can just allow the energy to flow by connecting with where you feel it is stuck.   Where in your body do you feel frozen?   Many people talk of a frozen heart, others a frozen shoulder and more again feel the freeze of energy in their stomach area.

When you verbalise where or what is stuck  you are making direct contact. By the very act of speaking it out loud you have started the ball in motion to re-awaken it.  You have acknowledged and brought awareness to it.

Many people feel they won’t say the right words when they start doing EFT.  However the more truthful and the more the words come from the very core of you the quicker will be the transformation. If you are unhappy with something someone did to you in the past but have never verbalised it, then it is a frozen event and a frozen piece of energy.

Shining a light in the dark 

When you bring awareness to it, it is like shining a light.   You do not have to speak your words in front of anyone, you can do EFT yourself in the privacy of your home.    Allow yourself time to deal with any emotions that come up for you, be gentle.

If you are using EFT for an addiction be honest with yourself as to why you do what you do.  Do you swallow down food in order to hide the real feelings that are buried deep in your body?  Do you drink to dull the pain of an event?   Do you smoke as you feel it gives you a crutch to hold onto?

The answers are yours and yours alone.   No two people ever do what they do for the exact same reason.    Each of us have our own stories based on our own beliefs and family dynamics.

Maybe you started to smoke to fit in and be cool.   Maybe you drank because everyone else did but now find you are no longer able to just drink socially.

It is your energy body and yours alone, the blocks you have are your personal stories and you have the power to shift them in alignment with what you truly want.

Until next time …. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Assertive & Empowerment Coach, EFT Master Practitioner and Energy Therap.


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