Life is in Each Step of the Present Moment

The great thing about the present moment is that each thing you do creates your tomorrow.  Imagine the power in that!  Imagine if you are aligning yourself now in the present moment with a step that will take you towards a goal you are striving for?

Each step no matter how small is a step closer!   So imagine if what you are doing now in your present moment is not in alignment with your goal, where are you going then?

When you clearly know you want something e.g. a change of career, a promotion, a new relationship then becoming mindful of each of your actions in the present moment, realising that your thoughts and emotions are fueling your actions is a great way to keep yourself on track with what you really want!

Emotions are a great guide to where you are at in any given moment.   How do you feel right now in this present moment?

Did you wake up refreshed and full of hope for the New Year or did you get stopped in your tracks by a feeling of sadness, despair or fear over something you really want to achieve?

Being mindful of the fact that your emotions are fueling your actions is eye opening.

It is important also to realise that guilt may creep in and you may fall into victim mode and say “Typical me bringing myself down again”.   Realise though that this guilt will drag you down further.   Guilt, like any other of the emotions is just energy in motion; e (energy) .. motion, and you can get this piece of energy to move.

You have the choice to stay in guilt or you have the choice to move that energy into something with a higher vibration; or in other words something that will make you feel better.

Having an attitude and emotion of hope that you can get out of despair and guilt is already a great start.    Look up and look forward.   Realise that you can move any emotion that is dragging you down.   Get a picture of anything that makes you feel happy and hold it in your mind today. Visualisation works, of that there is no doubt.   Holding a happy thought is fueling your actions from a place of happiness.

Keep track of your thoughts and emotions today and if one comes in that makes you feel off track ask yourself is this really true what I am feeling?   If it is ask yourself do you want to stay here in this energy or do you want to move on away from it?    You have already started to break the link that will keep you stuck when you realise you can change it.

For more information on helping yourself with stuck emotions check out my web site.

Until next time keep the faith ….

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Empowerment and Assertive Coach, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and Energy Therapist.


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