Working To The Comma


Little by little, step by step with each step bringing us closer to our destination.  Rome wasn’t built in a day we are told!

I was inspired to write this blog when a lovely lady called Helena from Busy Beaders was doing a radio interview.  She was talking about reading a pattern for her work as a beader.  “Working to the comma” was her motto.

How refreshing life would be if we took the time to work to the comma in our lives.  Not work to the full stop, just the comma.  Each step of a pattern can be likened to each step in life.   Each step with its important instructions and actions lead us to the bigger picture at the full stop.   And it doesn’t even stop there.  Each full stop is part of a larger picture, the full story of our lives.

When we rush and race trying to get to the full stops we can often miss the gems that are contained within the commas.   The difference between using a number 2mm or a 5mm needle in a knitting pattern, putting three gem stones instead of one in a necklace has an effect on the outcome. If we use 5mm needles instead of 2mm needles the overall result won’t be like the picture we have in our mind or on the pattern of what the finished item is supposed to look like!   It won’t fit us so well.

If we ignore the small things in life and rush and just make do with something else the overall result may be something that doesn’t sit with us well when it is finished.  Maybe we want to change job.    We know we don’t have a necessary skill to do the job as well as we could and we don’t bother taking the time to do the training.    We just jump in and muddle along.   We may very well get to where we want in the end but we won’t be taking the easiest route to get there and there may be several obstacles to get over.

Each instruction and action between the commas are steps that bring about the reality that is the full stop.  More importantly they make up the bigger story of our lives.

When we run and race and dash we often loose sight of the important small details.   The look on our child’s face; the smile of appreciation from a friend; the chance to stop and look at a beautiful scene; the chance to eat our food from a place of enjoyment rather than a place of necessity.

Working to the comma is my new mindful practice for the coming weeks. What little steps do I want to make in order to get to the full stops?   I have the bigger story in mind but I want my details in between the commas to matter.   I don’t want to rush to the end and not enjoy the journey, I want to stop and smell the flowers and see the beauty of the journey.   I want to see what is in between the commas and concentrate on those small steps in order to get to the bigger picture.

Whether I end up with a baggy jumper knit with 5mm needles instead of 2mm in the end is my choice.   But if I really concentrate on the words between the commas I will end up with the perfect fit and my overall vision will have manifested by being mindful of the words between the commas.

Working to the comma is where the power is, it’s working in the present moment where the magic happens!

Check out Helena’s wonderful works here at Busy Beaders.

Until next time … keep the faith

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment and Assertive Coach, Meridian Energy Therapist and Soul Care Practitioner.


2 thoughts on “Working To The Comma

  1. It took me a little bit after reading your title of Working To The Coma to understand why someone would want to work themselves until they fell into a coma. It didn’t sound vey balanced or healthy to me. Then, after a few more mentions of a coma, I finally read it: comma. Ahh! Yes, working to a comma. Very good! Much more mindful than putting myself into a coma. Thanks for the giggle.

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