De-cluttering Mind and House!

I have a challenge over on my web site  to get my house de-cluttered in 30 days.   I am looking at emotional as well as physical de-cluttering. Each one has such a positive effect on every aspect of our life!   Here are the first 11 days, you can catch the rest by checking back with the web site!

Day 11

I have a room in my house that when the door closes nobody is allowed in!!!  It is where I put all the things that I don’t have time to deal with at the moment.   Do you know that feeling?

Well from today I am going to do little steps to de-clutter it, for that is what it will take.

Just because clutter is behind a closed door doesn’t mean it is not affecting the energy in our house.   In Feng Shui it is said that each room has its own unique energy and the energies in that room can be associated with physical and emotional parts of our life.   There are various schools of Feng Shui and in some it is said that a certain part of your house has to do with relationships, another with your career and yet another with the energies around friends and family.   There are several more also.

So when we are looking at bringing in more energy into a certain part of our life like our career for example we may want to ensure that these parts of our house that are linked with our career are not cluttered with old things gathering dust.

If so we might want to ask the question … What does the part of my house that has to do with career,  or the part of a room linked with career look like?  Does it represent the way my career is as well?   Can I see my goals clearly?   Are my ducks in a line towards those goals or is there so much going on that  I cannot see where I want to go?

Do I even know what my goals are?

Just because a door is closed on a room … it is still having an effect on the energy of the house!!

Lots of work to do today!

Day 10

Today is Sunday and I am running a Reiki workshop at my house.   When I have people coming to my house I make sure that I have the space cleared with the intention that everyone gets what they need from the workshop.   There are many ways to clear places like our house.  We can diffuse a high vibration essential oil, do a Reiki clearing, burn sage, place crystals at various places.  When we do these things we do so with a clear intention.   Rituals are nice but not essential.

Just like energy can become stuck in our bodies so too can energy become blocked in our house.   Stuffy rooms with no air, heavy energies from sickness, from arguments etc. can all linger.   When we clear these energies in a room we are allowing fresh air and energy to circulate freely.   De-cluttering a room has this effect too as energies get stuck in clutter.

So my workshop room was cleared and de-cluttered and only what was needed was left in the room.    There were no heavy energies lingering in the room, it was bright, cheerful and full of Reiki intention to hold space for everyone’s highest good!

After the workshop I opened the windows, diffused a high vibration essential oil and left the space clear again for the next workshop!

Day 9

Over the last few weeks I hit a few personal obstacles and injuries that rendered me unable to proceed everyday with my challenge.  So instead of beating myself up about it (which I had been doing in the beginning) I have re-commenced my challenge and decided to continue.

Like all goals we have sometimes life circumstances change for us in a way that we have no control over  and it is how we deal with the challenges that render the outcome for us.    Do we give up or do we re-assess and go another way!   So  today I am back on track and the goal is to do 30 days of de-cluttering and I have changed the guidelines to not matter if the days are consecutive or not!!!

Today I am at the seat where I sit when browsing social media or the rare times I watch television.   I have a habit of collecting things that I want to read again and so I put them in a pile under my big armchair.   It all sounds like a good idea but really I rarely go back and look at these articles.   So today I have the task of picking up each item and saying do I want this in my life or not?

I often find that by the time I get around to reading some of the things I keep I wonder why I kept them at all!!!! Sound familiar?

So onwards and upwards to de-cluttering my personal space.

On an emotional level I am working on the third eye chakra.   This has to do with our gut instinct .. that instinct that will let me know if the clutter  I am keeping is worth keeping!!!!    If it feels right then it usually is and if I find my ego is telling me I should do this and I should do that then I know its not my gut at work!!!!

I am also placing a rose quartz crystal around this area to help bring in the vibration of calm relaxing energy.    I had a guest come on my blog this week and do a blog about using  crystals which really brought them to life for me.   You can check it out here if you want.

So until tomorrow and another bag of energetic clutter leaving my house …keep the faith.

Day  8

Today I am running a course on Goddess energy and empowering people to step into being authentic with whatever energy is in their life right now.

We are looking, without judgment at ways that we can transcend and bring in another energy if we want to bring about change in our lives.    Check out my blog.

Today my 11 year old did a cleaning blitz in our living room on my behalf.   He engaged the services of his 6 year old brother and together they swept away yesterday’s mess .. an energetic shift for sure!!!

Day  7

So today I focused again on creating a list of what my priorities are for today.   I looked at stuff that was clogging my To Do list and really asked myself was this something that was really important to me or had I out grown this partiucular task?    I really need to question a task if it has been on the list for a few weeks.  Why is it cluttering my To Do list and not moving?   Is it important to me any more or do I need to accept that it doesn’t need to be done anymore.

De-cluttering my To Do list made me yet again re define where I am going at the moment with certain projects.   When we de clutter in this way we make room for our mind to explore other avenues.

Today I did a dusting blitz, a job that is always at the bottom of my To Do list!

Day  6

Today I am looking at a niggling pain in my knee that I have.   I am wondering what is stuck there at an emotional level that is stopping me moving forward.   Is there a fear in relation to a project, a financial concern or what?

We need to really ask ourselves if what we are holding onto really is worthy  holding onto.   Is a fear we are holding onto really required any more or are we just holding on to it because we feel that is just the way we are?

Today I tackled a hoarding of newspapers that had acccumulated in a a pile waiting to be sorted through and chucked in the bin!   Hoarding is stacking something that needs to be dealt with and putting it off for another day.   Why leave till tomorrow what I can chuck away today?

Day 5

So as I go through each day this month I am looking at thoughts I have that I feel no longer fit me or what I want from life.  This is a natural occurrence and just like we grow out of clothes we grow out of old thoughts too.

Just like we de-clutter and get rid of clothes from our wardrobe that no longer fits us, we can also de-clutter our mind from thoughts that no longer fit us.

A tool we can use to help us get rid of thoughts in our mind that no fit us is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.   This is a great therapy for de-cluttering the mind.   What we are doing when we tap on the energy is we are releasing blocks including feelings that have become blocked.   When we get stuck in a feeling sometimes it can feel like like deja vu as feelings can be linked and related to our emotional state which in turn can cause us to act in “the same old patterns”.

Here is a link to using EFT.    It is super easy to do but highly effective.

Today I tackled a very blocked cupboard in my dining room.   Lots of clutter that included pens that no longer worked and paper with  scribblings no longer visible!   Out with the old and in with the new!

Until next time … keep the faith, Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowering and Assertive Coach and Energy Therapist 


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