It’s How We Deal With Change That Counts!

I decided to challenge myself to do a 30 day de-clutter of my house and my mind at the beginning of November.

So I had my goal and I had a plan.   However things changed and with all the will in the world to do it, as often happens in life, circumstances can prevent us from proceeding the way we want to proceed.

It is how we deal with those challenges that can have an effect on the outcome.   How much do we really want what we are going for?   Is our heart really in it?

I have a desire to de-clutter my house and mind.   A back injury knocked me for several months recently but instead of looking at this too negatively I decided to find another route to what I wanted to achieve.   My 11 year old son has come on board with this whole challenge in ways I could never have imagined possible.   He has now taken it on board himself to sweep everyday (a job I can no longer do).   He was with me when I was at the doctor’s surgery recently and he asked the doctor “Will mammy never be able to sweep again ….?”   His face was totally in shock and horror at the thought of an unswept floor for the rest of his life!!!!

We all laughed but deep down at a young age he has realised that even what he considered to be a mundane, almost unimportant job, is part of the bigger picture.   Each job we do to attain our goal is a small step in the right direction.

I graciously accepted his help and exercised my throat chakra in other ways to look for the help I need to get on top of my de-cluttering project.

Things change in life and it is how we decide to deal with those changes that count.

You can catch my challenge over at my web site.

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Assertiveness and Empowerment Coach, Energy Therapy, Soul Care Practitioner and Author.



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