Working with Our Authentic Goddess Energy to Fulfil Our Dreams

A recurring question that kept coming up for people at my previous chakra courses and workshops led me to write and run a course on Goddess energy.   The aim of the course was to empower people to look at the energy that is dominant in their lives.

This energy makes us the way we are.   It is our essential essence.   It is the difference between one 2 year old that is compliant and another 2 year who flatly refuses to do anything they are asked to do, if they don’t want to.   Neither is right nor wrong, it is what it is and makes us why we are the way we are!

When the little girl who has the compliant energy reaches a certain age she may find that this trait is actually holding her back in her present circumstances. She may find that she needs to stand in her power to follow and manifest her dream.   She finds that being compliant will not bring this dream to her.    While her essence will always remain the same and has shaped her to now, she knows she needs to bring forward a different energy that will help her step into her power.   She needs to bring forward a different energy type (or Goddess energy) to help her transcend her compliancy.

We always have a choice here when we come to this crossroad.   We can stay as we are and not fulfil our dreams or we can bring forth a different energy or Goddess type that will bring us closer to our dream.   If the girl were to remain complaint and not take her power she may find that she resents her life.   Resentment is a form of anger and anger turned inwards can turn into depression.

On the other hand the little girl who stomps and screams when she is asked to do something she doesn’t want to do, might get a rude awakening when she starts work and realises her tantrums get her into trouble and don’t get her want she wants.   Her boss is not the mother or father who allowed her get her own way all the time.   She may learn that there is a time and place for stomps and tantrums and that her present job is not one of them.   This girl may need to look at embracing a more focused approach to her work or she may find that she needs to be more nurturing to those around her.   If she fights against what she needs in order to get on, she may find that she gets fired from jobs for behavioural issues or that inwardly she feels unhappy.

A way to know which Goddess energy to call in is to ask some questions. What is holding me back right now?   What behaviour is causing me to get the same result time and time again? Do I want to change? Am I happy? What would it take to make me happier right now? What would feel authentic for me right now?

We all have the power inside us to make the necessary changes; the first step is to become aware.

For more details in relation to working with me or taking a workshop you can check out my website.

Until next time… keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Assertive and Empowerment Coach, Energy Therapist and Soul Care Practitioner


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