Mythical Me .. A Way to Just Be

The saying that we can’t change others only ourselves can run deeper than we may think.

What’s different is the essence of who we are; at our very core.     It can also be called our mythical or universal self.   What makes one of our children’s actions irritate or trigger something in us that would be water off a duck’s back to another.   We may often wonder why siblings can be so different and react in different ways to situations when we feel we were reared the same way.
Why is that?
For the purpose of this blog we are looking at different universal templates/archetypes/ways of being that are within us as we go through life.  AND the good news is that there are universal stories that have similar themes running through them that we can look at and find comfort in.
When I refer to comfort I talk about the real value we can get when we realise many have walked in our footsteps & many more will walk our same path tomorrow.  It’s almost like looking at a handbook for guidance and while the details aren’t always identical, nor are they meant to be, the universal theme is. We may get a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and understand ways we can either embrace or alter our story.
We can feel frustrated with ourselves at times if we can’t figure out why we can’t speak up for ourselves; why we can’t settle down and get married when society tells us we should; why we feel someone can’t just accept us the way we are and not try change us?
If a woman wants to travel the world & excel at her career this energy is authentic to her.  She may at some stage stop and, from her own place of yearning, have a sudden desire to settle down and have a family.
If she is forced against her natural energy to settle down before she feels ready she may carry resentments into her marriage and feel almost like a prisoner.  She may feel her will was taken from her and at some stage she may rebel.
She may also be the woman who, when the children have left home, is unavailable for babysitting duties for her grandchildren as she is off cruising around the world.  She may have embraced her role as mother while the children were small but now feels her work is done, on some levels!
Should we call either selfish?   Are they both just being more authentic by embracing who they really are?
Finding your true self is what makes you tick, it’s what it feels like not to be trapped.  It’s freedom to follow your own goals and dreams. It’s freedom to be you with an understanding of who that person is.
When we are assertive with the way we are we can empower others to do the same.
Until next time …. Keep the faith
Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment & Assertive Coach, Energy and Soul Care Practitioner

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