I Create My Own Happily Ever After

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Nothing new about this affirmation! But, I am on a quest to prove it this month!

I have a wonderful deck of oracle cards that I ask people to choose from when I do aromatherapy hand massage treatments.   By doing this, my client with their own intention, chooses the affirmation best suited to them in this particular moment and the associated essential oils to go with it.   I do this as a way to empower people to take control of their own destiny.

The act of simply quietening the mind, like I spoke about in my last blog and choosing a card allows us to focus on what it is we really want.   By this very act we are opening up to receiving what we need right now, we have quietened the mind and we are in a state of allowing.

Last night while pondering on the busy day I had just had and while answering the question “What would have made today better”, my main observation was that “I could have done everything I did with a lot more happiness”.

Accepting this I picked one of my oracle cards in order to apply some oils. The card I got was “I create my own happily ever after”.   Ah perfect!   The funny thing about this was I couldn’t find my Grapefruit essential oil, now I could have let my mind go off in a tangent again about how un-organised I am but I didn’t bother.   I used the other two oils with intention to create my own happily ever after.   This morning my Grapefruit re-appeared! This oil assists us in honouring our body on an emotional level. Nice timing.

Today I go forward repeating this affirmation anytime I drop into a feeling that I don’t want. Why?   Because I create my own reality and want more happily ever after reality. I don’t want negative affirmations creating my tomorrow.

It is also good to remember that our mind can’t tell the difference whether the thoughts we choose to adopt are real or not, it just follows the programme that is set to run at the present time.   So if I change to feeling happy then guess what – that’s what programme is running in my life right now!   If I choose an unhappy thought then that’s the programme that is running too.

This affirmation also proves we can “Fake it Till We Make it”. Now that’s a blog for another day!

Until next time …. Keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment and Assertiveness Coach, Energy and Soul Care Practitioner.


2 thoughts on “I Create My Own Happily Ever After

  1. Really like this Dolores – in the last few weeks I have been CONTINUOUSLY picking Gabby Bernsteins cards, I keep picking “I choose Happiness everyday” – Its my favourite and it kees speaking to me.

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