Learning to Still the Mind and Dissolve the Clutter

An important part of de-cluttering the mind has to do with learning to be still.

Our mind can be so full of thoughts that come up on a constant basis as we encounter each new experience during the day.   We can jump from one thought to another and from one emotion to another depending what is triggering our experience and what belief we have about it.

Have you ever started your day with a to-do list of 10 things and by the end of the day the 10 things have suddenly become 14. This can lead to feelings of having accomplished nothing!

When we turn on our email and log into our social media accounts, they can be filled with enticing stories that lure us off into various tangents.   Just like this blog!!!   While a lot of what we find is wonderful and beneficial there is also the time sucking stuff we can get engrossed in.   Starting off reading a thread that leads to another thread and suddenly an hour later we don’t know how we even ended up where we are.

To begin to have an awareness of this is a start, to do something about it is an action plan.

Learning to be still and quiet the mind is, like a lot of things a habit we can develop.     It requires good discipline.

There is, in my humble opinion, a mis-conceived idea that we can be wonderful multi taskers and that to be able to multi task indicates how powerful we are. Now there are times when multi tasking is possible if done with a mindful intent.   We can eat our dinner whilst watching TV as long as we don’t end up becoming energetically tied into a programme so much so that we are gulping down our food and our heart is racing with fear at what we are looking at.

Life is about balance.

To be fully present or mindful with something requires being present with it without anything else.   If I am listening to a webinar while making dinner I may miss a gem of information as I open a press and something falls out on top of me and I get agitated with that.   That event can start a train of thoughts going on in my head about how I must tidy out the kitchen presses.. but I have no time … etc etc etc.   Meanwhile my webinar is playing away and I realise I have lost 10 minutes with my mind chatter.   Enough said and point taken.

A good place to start to begin to de-clutter the mind is to learn to be still with each thing we are doing.   Give it full attention and use all the senses. Smell the aromas from the food we are preparing, envision what perfume we will wear when we go to an event we are organising.   See the dinner as we would like it to look, see the smiles on peoples faces as we meet them at the event we are organising.   Hear the sounds of our family enjoying their food; hear the people thank us for organising our event.

Be engaged in the cooking process, really feel the texture of the food we are cooking in our hands and imagine what it will taste like.

Imagine how we will feel when we shake people’s hands after a wonderful event and imagine what success tastes like to us.

Engage the mind and be still with what we are doing. This de-clutters the mind and allows us be present to create exactly what we want instead!   It’s one small step towards a gigantic change of mindset.

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment and Assertive Coach, Energy and Soul Care Practitioner.


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