Getting to Grips With Our Goals!

I have started a 30 day challenge (I did two days work in one today!!!) in relation to de-cluttering my house and my mind … am I out of my mind I ask myself?

The idea came about when taking down Halloween decorations and realising in a few weeks time the place will be filled with more decorations for Christmas.

So I started in the hall area of my house and on an emotional level I started with goal writing/vision making.   The hall, in my house is situated in the north and so represents the career area of my house in some Feng Shui systems.   How wonderful energetically to be working on my career from both an emotional and physical level.

When it comes to goal writing and preparing a vision board it is always good to know exactly what you want, sounds easy right?   Well not always.   We can have an idea of our goal but sometimes it can lack clarity and this is something I can struggle with.

So today I worked on de-cluttering my mind in relation to my goal and got real clear on what it is I want.

I re-wrote my WHY as I felt I had changed at some level since I wrote it a few months ago.   AND that is ok, it’s good to allow space for our personal goals to move and sway and take on different shapes as long as we are clear about the changes. I have changed in the past few months and so too therefore have my goals.

For me structure and clarity had me working through issues in my first and sixth energy chakras, again!   The first chakra located at the base of our spine governs, among other things structure and, our ability to put structure into our lives. This has never been a strong point of mine but like most things in life goals need good foundations too! Without me working on my lack of structure I was making my life harder and my goals more frustrating to attain.   De-cluttering my desk, keeping to-do list(s) (shouldn’t there only be one to-do list!!!) in one place and most importantly doing things on my to-do list … all these important jobs I run a mile from all had to be tackled.

A tidy desk and a tidy career goal helps in de-cluttering my mind and allows energy to flow where it should, towards my goal!!!

Onwards and upwards towards de-cluttering and getting my house and mind in order!

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment and Assertive Coach, Energy Therapist & Soul Care Practitioner


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