Five Things To Ask Ourselves If We Feel Like Giving Up?

We can all get stuck at times with work projects or even in our relationships with others.   We always have the option whether to give up or not, always!

Here are five questions we can ask ourselves before making our decision.


 1.     Is what we want coming from a place of want or desire?

A feeling of wanting comes from a very different place than that of desire. A two year old “wants” the toy that his sibling has. However when he gets it he doesn’t want it any more. There was no desire to have it in the first place, just a want because someone else had it.

This can apply to a job we feel we want because we want what we perceive someone else gets from it.   When we come from a place of desire it flows, we know it is something we really would like to have in our life!     When we want something with no desire to back it up we can often find when we get it, we just want more!


2.       Is what we are going through feeling a little like déjà vu?

We know that things come into our life at times to make us stronger and will continue to come back time and again if we don’t get the message the first time around! But what if we feel like we learned a strong lesson the last time?   Why is it coming back again to haunt us?

Bear in mind each of our stories around our life can have different destinations.   Maybe we left a job because we felt bullied and eventually found the courage to speak up to our boss about this, but now find that we are back again in a job where we feel bullied again.

Why we might ask are we back here again? Did we not learn to speak up for ourselves the last time?

Look at the destination of the story.   Where do we really want to go with a job?   Did we jump from the frying pan into the fire without asking ourselves what we really desired from a new job?

Maybe it’s not the boss this time; maybe we picked a similar destination, not the same one.     Perhaps we need to work for ourselves and not work for someone else?


3.  Are we giving up on OURSELVES if we give up now?

The nugget of gold in the answer may reveal a limiting belief we hold.

Is it that old dragon of fear of stepping into our power?

Is it a feeling of not being good enough, not tall enough, not small enough, not “whatever” enough.

When the answer is revealed we can ask ourselves “Do I want to give up on me or do I want to plough through and banish this emotion once and for all”?

If we truly believe in ourselves and have a passion we can dig deep to find the courage to break through our own internal glass ceiling of fear.


4.    Were we really committed to the project/relationship to start with?

Was it something we wanted to try as we thought it might get us one step further to somewhere else?   If our goals are not in alignment with what we truly desire then the commitment can often be lacking.

True commitment comes from a passion in our belly to do something.   If this component is missing and we are doing work without passion or commitment then chances are the novelty will fizzle out at some stage.

This doesn’t mean we should not try things out of course.   It just means we know when enough is enough.

Our attitude and the way we come across to other’s can indicate a lot about this.


5.   Is our heart truly in the thing we want?  

We can have all the desire in the world, the self confidence and self esteem to break through and get it but, at the end of the day if our heart is not in it chances are it won’t manifest for us.

We don’t have to stay doing the same things we did last year, last month, last week or are doing because our mother and her mother did before her.

We can honour and respect an old generational story but move forward into something that our heart is truly in.

We can’t possibly live someone else’s dream; it’s just not possible. Our dreams are created from our unique heart felt place where desires show us what our heart truly needs to be happy.

So lets look at our heart’s desire and break though barriers that stop us following and manifesting our dreams.

Until next time…. Keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment and Assertive Coach, Energy Therapist and Soul Care Practitioner

PS You can sign up for my self study charka course at my web site.



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