5 Ways to Turn Those Winter Blues Into Spring Dreams

I overheard a conversation on my walk last night that made me smile “Sure Twill Make the Winter Shorter” in reference to a fine evening in October!

Some people genuinely feel down when the nights get shorter and there is less possibility of getting out for a walk, which for some may include loss of companionship.

But we don’t have to be like the bear that hibernates for winter, we can take steps now to create the spring of our dreams. Here are five tips to help anyone suffering from the Winter Blues!

  • Embrace the shorter nights by making your home so cosy you will wish it was winter all the time!!!   Dim the lights, light the fire, light candles, and diffuse a relaxing essential oil with a scent that makes you happy.   De-clutter one cupboard, counter table or drawer each week so that by spring your house will be filled with only things that you want and that make you happy.
  • Read a book that you want to read but always say you don’t have time to do.   Even if it is just 10 pages a night, in 10 nights you will be on page 100!   Maybe it’s a motivational book that leaves you feeling motivated for a new project or a dream holiday!
  • If you want to exercise and get in shape for next Summer but feel you cannot leave your house in the evening, get a DVD or find a You Tube video and do your exercise from home.   There are so many exercises you can do while you are sitting in front of the TV, remember those pelvic floor exercises you swore you would do everyday?!!!
  • Create a vision board of what you really want.   Use advertising material that comes through the letterbox (yea the ones that usually drive you mad!!) to get graphics you like; maybe someone exercising in the gym, maybe a picture of food that you want to learn how to cook. Cut graphics or text from newspapers, magazines or wherever you can find them and place your vision board where you can see it everyday.   By doing this you are dreaming your future into life!!!
  • Is there a hobby you have always wanted to do but say you don’t have time?   You can learn pretty much learn everything now on the web or at least you can make a start until the long evenings come again and you dare to venture outside.   How about knitting, painting, writing a book?   If you don’t have access to the web maybe you can visit your local library.

Remember no matter how blue you feel in winter there is probably someone else who would be grateful for the life you have, obstacles and all.   So let’s count our blessings and live in the moment enjoying each one.   Everything in life is a cycle, without the winter we wouldn’t have spring with all its wonderful possibilities.   What you do today creates the future you will have, so dream big and watch the magic happen!

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment Coach, Soul Care Practitioner


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