We Can Change The Way We Live!

I used to think that our brain was a complex piece of equipment with set programmes, very intellectual and a perfectionist – quite the opposite of me!

But the more I studied thoughts, emotions, beliefs etc. the more I realised that we are the ones who write the programmes for our brain and because of that we the ones who can change them!

Fascinating or what!   We can change our brain!

From the moment we are born and some say even before that, we begin the process of putting information in these programmes. How we perceive what is going on around us forms the beliefs that get inputted in the programmes. For example if for some reason when we were young we perceived that our basic needs were not met by those around us, we may come to have a general distrust in the world.   This belief becomes a part of that programme and will stay there until one day we choose to look at it and change it.

We may realise that holding onto this belief is in fact holding us back in getting on in our life now.   It’s not that the story may not have been true at the time when our belief was formed, it may have been a very true and sad journey for us. However we now may find that our circumstances have changed and we have people in our life whom we know we can trust.   If the programme is set on “I don’t trust anyone” then anyone who comes into our lives has to contend with this programme.   We never loose our stories they are the threads that hold us together but we can change our reactions to them for the better.

Also we may never feel like we are in the driver’s seat of our live, we may find that we end up at the same old, same old destination no matter how hard we try.   Well guess what we can change that destination too!!

The same old, same old destination we end up at is a result of the programme that is running that particular part of our life.  Have we a belief that we will never be successful?   Check the programme.

Is it easy to take over the driver’s seat?   It is easy to set the intention that we are going to do it but the ride can be bumpy on the way.   Why? Because we are changing programmes. We may find that people start to pull away from us, react to us, tell us they preferred us the way we were.   Well that is for us to decide .. do we want to stay where we are pleasing others or do we want to take control and live with purpose?

Living a life on purpose is a great personal achievement. We have the controls back and know where we want to go. We have more passion for our journey.   Yes there may be pit stops along the way; we may need to stop and re fuel, change direction, get a new set of wheels (a metaphor for our life and how we traverse it!).   We may even change direction half way to where we thought we wanted to go.

But the best thing about it all is that we are in charge, we know where we want to go and our compass is set.   The old programmes that were running the show will come up and shout to be dealt with, but remember programmes can be changed.

Fear will always try to stop us or make us change track.   Look at these fears as they come up, because they will.   Ask yourself are you going to allow this fear to keep running your life or are you going to change the programme?

Are you going to walk the tight rope looking ahead all the time knowing where you want to go and refusing to allow the crocodiles that are snapping at your feet stop you?     Don’t feed those crocodiles (a metaphor for the people who don’t like the change as it is upsetting their apple cart or it may be your own fears).

Remember it is our lives and we are the programmers.   We don’t have to set the programme based on what someone else thinks is good for us; we don’t have to follow someone else’s dream.

It’s our own life so let’s start living it,

Until next time. …keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Course facilitator, Energy Therapist.


2 thoughts on “We Can Change The Way We Live!

  1. Brilliant post! Lately I’ve been working on uncovering subconscious beliefs that are driving unhelpful programs, by using a soul directed hypnotherapist. We go looking for when a belief was created and why. See that this is no longer the truth, and heal it. I’ve also been working on healing old negative energies or beliefs that are affecting my physical body. I used this in combination with dietary changes to heal type 2 diabetes. For me, it was about not loving my heart. Thank you for putting this out there.

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