The Story of The Ugly Duckling.

“What have I done to feel like such an outcast?” the ugly duckling asks.

When we find ourselves stuck in a rut, alone or when we feel blocked in some way we may find we end up knocking on the wrong doors for help, time and time again.   And we continue to get the same experiences as we keep knocking on those same doors.

A feeling of not belonging

How often do we meet people who feel like they don’t belong and don’t know where to begin to find the right door to knock on?

The ugly duckling was born the way she was and her strength of character will come to the fore when she realises that she is good enough the way she is.   She doesn’t have to prove her worth to those around her.   Yes she will be ridiculed and made fun of and feel like she doesn’t belong but, she will find her power when she overcomes the demons of feeling like a victim. When she realises there is no right door to knock on she can transform from victim to victor. When she realises the right door to knock on is inside of herself.   It doesn’t mean there is no help from outside, but the real work for doing is on the inside.

Transcending the Victim Archetype

It is not guaranteed to be an easy journey and we may feel like we are walking a fine line at times dodging bullets from every corner. But this constant striving makes us stronger. Imagine the amount of pressure and striving pure carbon has to endure before producing a diamond? Do we think the ugly duckling would think the effort worth it when she looks in the mirror and sees that she is a beautiful swan after all and, in fact always has been?

We can transcend the victim archetype and grow into its’ more positive energetic state.   We can find the tools we need to help us unblock and release whatever is needed.

What is the gem of wisdom inside the pearl of instinctual knowledge?

The first step is finding out what lesson we need to learn.   What golden nuggets are hidden in the shadows of our internal world?   Do we need to heal from old wounds? Do we need to stand in our power and speak our truth?  Do we need to accept help from others for our journey?

We want to always keep moving forward in an attempt to unblock whatever stagnant energy there is. Is it fear?   Do we perceive a situation though a veil of deception handmade for us by an outdated society or an old fashioned model of how we are expected to behave? Maybe, just maybe things are not as bad as they seem but we just can’t see that because our intuitive, gut instinct is blocked. We can’t see the beauty underneath the veil of illusion.

Becoming grounded

We can start our journey from a place of groundedness. We can move into our relationships, our creativity in mind, body and soul.   We can move up into our power centre, through our heart centre and heal the wounds so we can speak our truth.   We can begin to see the illusions and deceptions for what they are and, finally unite with the all-inclusive universal energy, ready to warp its warm shawl of energy around us. We can transform our internal ugly duckling into the most wondrous version of ourselves imaginable.

Every journey starts with a first step, it just takes a glimmer of hope, a dazzle of light, a walk on the wild side, a journey to our truth and the best version of ourselves we can be.

Until next time. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, EFT and Reiki Master Practitioner and Aromatherapy Specialist.

I help people get their mojo back!


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