Taking Ownership in the Story of Our Life


We often hear people talking about the road less travelled. Have you ever wondered what that actually means? Or maybe you asked the question “Why would anyone want to walk a road less travelled?” Sounds lonely there… right?

We can feel safe on our familiar path despite the thorns and briars, which can be strangling us in some way and holding us back. Maybe we are in a job that is highly stressful and we find we don’t have the energy to do anything when we get home. We have no motivation for family life we just want to check out.   Maybe we constantly seek the approval of others, paying more attention to what they think about us that we think about ourselves.

At some stage we begin to realise that the only way to get away from the thorns and briars that are strangling us is to take ownership of our own path.   Maybe we just need to clear a few briars, remembering though we need to get rid of them at the roots.   There is no good just trimming a thorn or briar it will just grow back stronger and stronger. It may seem like they are sheltering us but if we look closely enough we may find they are hindering our progress.

Taking ownership can be scary.. it’s taking the road less travelled. But we all have it in us to take ownership and change the reality of the road ahead.   We may need to acquire some tools. Something to cut the briars and thorns as we go.

The first step to taking ownership is to look at what part we play in a story in our life that we want to change.   Are we playing the role of the victim, the saboteur or the overbearing mother/father?   Do we want to change our role and become the hero of our own life? Do we want to take the energy we are using in staying stuck behind briars and thorns and put it to better use on the road where the co-ordinates better match our goals?

Maybe it is time to pack the toolbox with what we need to start the journey of taking ownership so we can change the road ahead, the first step is always the hardest, it does get easier.

For more information on upcoming courses contact Dolores Andrew-Gavin at www.celticsoulessence.com,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin is an Author, Soul Care Practitioner and doTerra Wellness Advocate.


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