Medicine from Mother Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

Why I use doTerra essential oils

Medicine From Nature

Essential oils are aromatic volatile liquids that are distilled from the seeds, flowers, stems, bark and other parts of plants and trees. doTerra’s essential oils have no stabilisers, no addictives and no synthetic ingredients added.   As such they are of a very high vibration and are medicine directly from Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet.

How do the oils work?

When someone comes to me for an energy session the principle of resonance and entrainment comes into play.   When a sick part of a body is held in the high vibrational field of energy created during an energy session, the intention is that through the principle of resonance and entrainment the low vibrational energies come to match the high vibrational ones.   That is why people often feel sensations during an energy session.   They often report tingling and feel energy moving.

When we use doTerra essential oils we are using an oil with a very high vibration.   It has not been infused with anything synthetic.   The plants and trees have these oils as part of their makeup for a specific reason, for example the oil in a lavender plant protects it from sunlight damage, bacteria, insects and immediate decay.

Natural medicine as its best

Ingredients from the earth have been used successfully and effectively for thousands of years.

For example the active ingredient in Aspirin, acetyl salicylic acid, is a synthetic derivative of a compound called salicin which occurs naturally in plants and most especially the willow tree.   This particular ingredient was used effectively for thousands of years in its natural state for relief of pain. So what was done was this wonderful naturally occurring ingredient was taken into a lab and synthetically reproduced to give us Aspirin, as we know it now.

What we get with doTerra essential oils is natural medicine for support and maintenance for our overall health and wellbeing.

How do the oils work on an emotional level?

DoTerra essential oils work at both the physical and emotional level.   When we inhale these oils the molecules pass through our olfactory system and enter our limbic brain, which is the emotional centre of our brain.   Here they have the ability to support us at an emotional level. For example if we want support for feeling calmer we would choose an oil that has calming properties.

Also present in the limbic brain is a gland called the amygdala. It was discovered in the 1980’s that this particular gland plays a large role in the storing and releasing of emotional trauma. (LeDoux 2003, LeDox et al., 1988, Iwata et al, 1986 Le Doux et all. 1989).   It was found that one way to stimulate this gland was by smell.

DoTerra essential oils which contain chemical constituents known as sesquiterpenes are known to be able to go beyond the blood brain barrier (Wang et al, 2012, Zhang et al., 2009).   Frankincense and Sandalwood are two oils which contain these constituents. The ability to cross the blood brain barrier is essential for the treatment of brain diseases and disorders.

How do I know which oil to use?

We choose an oil depending on its chemical constituents to support the body system or emotional state we wish to help. Monoterpenes occur in practically all essential oils and are responsible for different activities. Many of them inhibit the accumulation of toxins and aid the kidneys and liver in releasing existing toxins.   Some are antiseptic, antibacterial, antihistaminic, antitumor to name but a few.

How to use doTerra essential oils

Depending of which oil you use you can apply them directly to your body (topically), diffuse them or ingest them.   You should always check the label of the particular oil you choose for proper usage.

Many doTerra essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy, during the birthing process and for young children.   They offer great support for the physical and emotional effects that being pregnant and being a new Mum brings.   Dads and the rest of the family can also benefit from the oils being diffused!

How do I get doTerra’s essential oils?

If you have an interest in essential oils it is a good idea to speak to someone who knows which essential oils best support you and your family.   I offer complementary wellness consultations for anyone interested in finding out more.   It is a good way to know which oils to start using and how to get them at the best price.

The above information is for educational purposes about doTerra essential oils only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any symptoms or illnesses.   The information is not intended as a substitute for medical counselling. You should always check with your own health physician before commencing any medicinal procedures.   If you are not using doTerra essential oils please check the label and use accordingly.

Until next time … Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, doTerra Wellness Advocate Energy Medicine (Reiki, EFT & Quantum Touch).


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