Delicious SMRT Alternative to Sugary Treats

photo 1(12)

Putting the words “nutritious” and “delicious” in a sentence to describe a snack that all the family will eat, including the children, sounds like … an impossible feat!

Furthermore to say that my six year old would eat anything with yucky (his words not mine) seaweed in it sounds.. well even more impossible!

Ah but this yummy bar passed the fussy six year old’s test … with flying colours!

I cannot say I sat him down and told him the ingredients … I believe some things are on a need to know basis (wink).

The bar contains sustainably sourced, natural ingredients; cashew nuts, dates, raisins, unsweetened cocoa & NORI seaweed blend. These ingredients have proven health qualities and blend to create a product that not only tastes superb, but is also good for you.

They are gluten and dairy free and have no added sugar. They also contain the recommended dose of iodine which supports healthy thyroid function.

These tasty alternatives to sugary treats come in two flavours cocoa cashew and orange choc. Orange choc is my favourite!  Definitely on my shopping list from now on.

Check out SMRT bar at


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