What Seeds of Hope are you Planting this Bealtaine Season?

What dreams and goals are on your vision board? What seeds of hope are you planting?

The festival of Bealtaine on May 1st is about calling in the new and planting the seeds for what we want to manifest at harvest time. It’s about new life and hope for the future.
Tending our dreams
We may have a dream or vision that is planted in our mind.  To manifest this dream downwards from the imaginal realm into physical form we have some work to do.  We need to care for our dream, water it, help its’ roots grow downwards and its’ shoots grow upwards towards the sky.
Dealing with the weeds
Weeds can surface and sometimes even a strangling plant can take hold.  What do we do with our dream then?  Do we allow it to be strangled and die or do we take action to save it and break free from the grip of death and another failed dream?
Weeds have deep roots.   If we deal with the weed at the level of what we see (conscious level), rather than what we can’t see (unconscious level), we get a temporary second breath of life.  However that weed will break through and find the light again.    It will take it’s grip and hold on tighter next time to survive!
Obstacles on our path
We all hit obstacles when trying to reach our dreams.  We may feel like the “hamster on the wheel” going around in circles and not knowing how to get off.
A strangling feeling of fear may overwhelm us as we come across something that makes us step outside our comfort zone.  We might feel a lump in our throat when we try to ask for help.  Did we form an opinion when we were young that we should be quiet and get on with it?  Is this lump in our throat a manifestation of a stuck belief that we don’t have the right to be heard?
Standing In Our Power
Maybe we get butterflies in our tummy at the thought of standing in our power.  What unconscious belief is causing congestion here?  Are there thoughts, emotions, desires and needs lying un-digested in our solar plexus?  Do we feel that we don’t have the right to be, to feel or to act?
We can make a fresh start with our garden of dreams no matter how overgrown they may seem.  We can go deep and find the root cause.  Remember emotions, no matter how severe they may seem are just energy.  Energy moves and wants to move and we can get our energy moving by weeding through our own garden and pulling out the roots of stuck energy patterns that hold us back.
We Have The Tools Inside 
Remember we hold the tools inside us to be our own gardeners … Sometimes we just need someone to show us the way.
The light can shine through, we can get off the vicious wheel, we can manifest our dreams .. Pick up the tools today and get ready for the life of your dreams.
Until next time … keep the faith,
Dolores Andrew-Gavin Author, Health and Wellness Blogger, Soul Care Practitioner & doTerra Wellness Advocate

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