Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone

For the most part human beings are creatures of habit; most things we do on a daily basis are habitual. Even the basic routine of getting up in the morning and how we do this is a habit.   Some people jump up from their bed with enthusiasm to greet the day; others plan their day before getting up; others hit the snooze button as often as is humanly possible!

Our habits are neither good nor bad, they just are what they are, habits.     We can tell ourselves that our habits could be healthier, we could get the lunch boxes ready the night before or we could have our clothes sorted and ironed and left ready to walk into. Some people are just generally more laid back than others and don’t stress as much about the odd crease in a shirt or don’t feel they have to have their mascara on before doing the school run!! Often our habits are formed from our emotional centre and are based around core beliefs we have about ourselves.

We may feel we need the world to see us as perfect with our full make up on to hide the feelings of unworthiness inside. We may just put our full make up on to feel good about ourselves. Neither habit is right nor wrong, it just is what it is.

We all have a comfort zone inside which we feel safe and secure in accordance with our core beliefs. Outside that comfort zone the emotion of fear lurks.   We may want to start working again after leaving the workforce to raise our children; we may want a promotion but fear the longer working hours won’t fit in with family life.   So we stay within our comfort zone and this is a habit of sorts.   It’s a safe zone where we know what’s what and who’s who.

For some of us though an inner yearning for something more stirs inside and a door of opportunity may flash before our eyes.   We want to take a peek out and feel what it is like to enter the non-comfort zone, where adventure awaits and opportunities abound. The realm of healthy eating; the realm of an exercise regime, the realm of writing a book or the realm of getting back into the workforce can lie outside our comfort zone.

The good news is that habits can be changed and, we can make it a habit to change our habits!   The easiest way to start is to take a small “doable” step; have an apple instead of one of the biscuits at break-time, close the curtains and do 2 or 5 push ups just for the hell of it, read two pages of a book which motivates you.

Peek your head outside your comfort zone, breath in the fresh air of opportunity and see what it feels like.   Little by little you can venture further looking at any fear that comes up. You might surprise yourself and find a depth of strength that dissolves the fear.

You have permission to take a step of faith into the unknown; you have permission to take care of yourself without feeling guilty and you have permission to be the person you want to be.   The first step is up to you!

Until next time … keep the faith

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and doTERRA Wellness Advocate (contact me at


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