Helping Your Children (And Yourself) Live A Healthy Throat Chakra

We are all entitled to be seen and heard.   We start living our throat chakra when we are about 7 and this developmental stage lasts until we are around 12.   At the latter end of this age children are entering adolescence, a natural initiation into another part of life preparing for adulthood.   Hormones are beginning to kick in and life can for some become confusing as polar opposites are battling each other inside their bodies and their head.   A child may long to jump in beside Mum and Dad at night to feel secure with all these new changes but the polar opposite of “I don’t want hugs anymore”; “I am too old for that” is also tugging away at them.   They may be told to act their age and, whilst they do want to act their age they may also have a yearning to be that little child again when they felt safe and had no responsibilities and their every need was taken care of.

A child is beginning the journey to find their true, authentic voice around this time.   They may feel like their opinions have never been listened to in the past.   Up until now their parents/teachers/carers have been telling them what to do. They have been told what is not acceptable and what is acceptable.   Of course these values are coming from the person who is giving them and we are all very different beings with different values.   A child may grow up in a very loving environment where freedom of expression is encouraged but find when they go to school that there is a very strict regime in place where they learn to “be seen and not heard”.   Of course this “seen” means literally to be seen in a physical way and not as the wonderful emotional individual being that they are.

Going to school of course is a natural progression into another part of life for a younger child.

Around the time that a child is beginning to come into themselves they may question why they have been told not to have certain behaviours or do certain things. Until now they didn’t realise they could question anything that happened in their life.   They may have tried in vain in the past and realised that to question brought the wrath of parents or others.   But now they need answers to allow their emotions to flow freely, their bodies are pushing them for these answers. What is happening to me? Who am I? I don’t like that nobody gives me a choice, can I do something about it? Can I speak my mind? Will I be heard?   Will I be punished if I speak my truth? How can I change the way I speak so that I don’t get into trouble when I want to say what is screaming inside my head to come out?

This can all play out in what we call the “moody adolescence” period of a child’s life but deep down in that child’s body it can be a very confusing time. They may start to vent more, as they may not know how else to express themselves and most especially how to express themselves in a kind way.   Some children start verbally blaming their parents/teachers or whoever and this blaming can be expressed either internally or externally.   Feelings of shame, guilt and fear may be felt and repressed.

As parents we do have to realise that we too are doing our best with where we are in our lives.   We can begin to help our children more by choosing to listen to what they are really asking for and sometimes we have to be brave enough to realise that what our children want is something they are be entitled to.   Taking the time, no matter how little or long, to really actively listen to what our children want can be a wonderful gift to them. The fact that we allowed expression may be all that was needed.

Like every chakra we can learn how to exercise our throat chakra; we can learn to keep it balanced and not repressed and stuck. Of course this can be harder for some if there have been years of not being able to speak their truth and feelings like they had no voice.   Their layers may be deeper but no matter how many layers there are, they can be shed and our voice can come through.   Accepting the way things are for us right now in this present moment is a good place to start, even if we don’t like where we are!   When we accept it, we can look forward and begin the process of deciding where we want to be.   What has defined us in the present is the consequence of our past, however the past is gone and we can look forward to a future where we can shift the way we feel about what has happened to us.   We can start the journey to take responsibility for our own future and that journey starts within.

A wonderful essential oil to help us with our throat chakra is Lavender. It is known as the oil of communication and aids us in our quest to find our voice no matter how many years it has lain hidden under lock and key.     We can find the key to unlock it and allow the words that are stuck to come out.   It is our entitlement to be seen and heard and our right to find our true voice and express it in a loving, caring way that serves us where we are right now.

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate (contact me at


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