A Helping Hand from Nature for a Peaceful Night Sleep

Whether you are pregnant, have small children or going through a difficult period in your life, sleep issues can often manifest and become unbearable.   It is so hard to function properly without a good night sleep (well this is my experience anyway!!).

If you have young children who find it hard to get to sleep and/or remain asleep you may have tried everything under the sun and stars but find that once you leave the room your child starts fussing or wakes a lot during the night.  Here I am offering you another wonderful tool you can use.   CPTG essential oils are medicine taken directly from Mother Nature with nothing artificial added.

Essential oils are compounds taken from plants or trees and so carry the signature of that plant or trees’ own immune system, its’ own defence mechanisms and its’ healing properties. By applying essential oils you can take advantage of the wonderful properties contained in each of them, which help at both a physical and emotional level.

A good way of taking oils for sleep concerns is to diffuse them.   This is especially wonderful if your child has an emotional issue around sleep like being afraid of the dark or afraid of being alone. Our breathing gets more deep when we are asleep and the oils travel through the olfactory system right into the brain including the limbic brain that deals with emotional issues.   Oils like Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Serenity and Frankincense can offer wonderful benefits.   For example Lavender has always been known as the calming oil. On an emotional level it provides a safety net for the emotions; it calms and soothes.   Bergamot invites you to see life with more optimism and thereby helps with self worth issues that might be on your, or your child’s mind and which come to the surface when you try to sleep.   Roman Chamomile eases the over active mind and calms insecurities.

You can make a blend from any or all of the oils mentioned; one drop of each diluted with fractionated coconut oil if required.   You can apply to the bottoms of the child’s feet or your own. The pores on the bottoms of the feet are very large and so the oils can travel to where they are needed very fast.

If there are any emotional issues you wish to target you can apply the oils (diluted if necessary) to a specific area.   For example people hold different emotions in different parts of the body.   You might have a child (or an adult) who gets constipated in the evening time or has another digestive issue associated with sleep. For relief here you can apply the blend directly on the stomach area. The stomach is governed on an energetic level by the solar plexus chakra so applying an oil in this area helps energetically with all things to do with your will; being authentic in what you are doing, standing in your own power and being able to do this in a safe way and in a way that feels good for you.

If a child is developing headaches at night time due to an emotional issue you can apply any of the oils mentioned above to the back of the neck. Always dilute with younger children and especially if someone has sensitive skin.

If headaches or stomach problems are due to other issues you may substitute or add in another oil which provide targeted benefits like Past Tense for headaches or Digestzen for stomach problems.

Another wonderful way to apply oils for children is to put a scarf around their favourite teddy and apply an oil there so that if their teddy is in bed with them they are getting the benefits of inhaling the oils that way.   It is another way for a child to feel safe, with their favourite teddy getting involved in the healing process!!! Ensure that the oils are diluted before being applied to the teddy for sensitive children.   Or you could apply the oils to a cotton wool ball and place under the child’s pillow.

Please note that the oils I have referenced above are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTerra oils.   If you are using another brand please check the label to ensure that you can apply oils directly to your skin.   Always refer to advice on the label.

No matter what you are suffering from at any time in your life you can always accept a helping hand from nature to bring balance and harmony back to your life.

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate (contact me at doloresagavin@gmail.com.)


2 thoughts on “A Helping Hand from Nature for a Peaceful Night Sleep

  1. Great info (and reminder). I have some doTerra oils and do forget from time to time to use them. As my son has an extremely keen sense of smell, he doesn’t like it when I use Balance on his feet to ground him. One drop is too strong of a smell. But I make lip and body balms, and put Balance in a body balm recipe. Now I swipe a bit of balm on his feet, and it works just as well, with less odor. Those oils are extremely effective in even the tiniest amounts.

    • Delighted to hear you use the oils as well. Yes they are so effective and great idea that you are putting the Balance in a balm. I love when we can give them what they need without upsetting them!!! Dolores

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