The Fix It Felix Archetype



There are many of us who fit nicely into the Fix It Felix archetype. I know I certainly have in the past.   This archetype to me is someone who always wants to help fix others – even if the other person hasn’t asked to be fixed and maybe doesn’t need to be fixed at this particular time.   They just have this urge inside to help others.   If they see someone suffering they feel they should help them, oftentimes they may not even know how they will help or why, but they feel they should anyway!!

However as Felix in the film Wreck It Ralph learns, sometimes this fixing everything can backfire! When Felix ends up in jail, he has a brain wave and realises he can get himself out by using his hammer.   So he picks up his hammer and breaks the bars, however no sooner has he done this but he turns around and bangs again on the bars and fixes them!! This time the bars become so thick that his humble hammer would never be able to break them again.   He just puts his head in his hands and wonders “Why do I always fix things?”

Felix has helped keep himself a prisoner even though he held the power and had the tools all along to free himself.   Our daily actions often bind us to prisoner status too even though, like Felix, we have the tools to break free.   We look outside of ourselves at what we could do to make a situation better; maybe a relationship, a job or we see a person that we think needs fixing and we feel if we can do something for them we can fix them.   However the only work we ever need do is work on ourselves. We don’t have the right to change others and if we manage to, sooner or later if how we have changed them is not right for them they will break free and follow their own path anyway.   Then we are left feeling alone and wondering how this could have happened when all we were trying to do was help.   Like Felix when we thought we were doing the right thing by fixing them, it was the wrong choice at that time for them and us.

If we have a situation that we are not happy about even if it is something like a weight issue there is absolutely no point in looking around and trying to fix everything and everyone around us.   We need to look within and find what we need to change.   If we eat emotionally because we feel we are being walked on by others we may need to find what to do to take our power back from others and not allow them take it away again.   We may need to tell our boss we are not in a position to work under a certain circumstance as it is making us ill with stress.   We can advise our children on a safer way to do things but we needn’t fix them, as they are not broken.   Whatever it is, we want to develop the courage to see what we can change about ourselves and change it. We can look at what we cannot change and either accept it or change our attitude towards it.

It is a classic root chakra issue, that when we don’t feel secure enough in our own skin we look outwards for others to fill the neediness we may have or, we bring about situations which mirror the hurts buried deep down. We may be in the victim archetype and have poor survival skills and unconsciously look to others to give us what we need. We can choose a different path though and fix things in a way that is helpful. We have the power and the tools… they are all within.

Until next time.. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and doTERRA Wellness Advocate (contact me at


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