Finding the Treasure in the Missing Jigsaw Piece


It’s easy to feel disconnected from life at times, especially at holiday times.   We can forget that what is going on in our internal world has such an effect on our external world.   We can be so connected to all the fear, the hype, the past, the future everything but the present moment.   Our emotions can be stuck; maybe our grief at having lost a loved one is just as big as it was when the event happened, we are told it will get easier but we cannot fathom that one. Maybe our fear of how we are going to survive financially is so huge for us that we cannot imagine ever getting on top of it. Maybe our anger towards someone that we feel has wronged us has taken us over and we go around banging and crashing and venting this anger towards anyone that comes within a mile of our personal space.

We can feel overwhelmed by what is going on around us and don’t know how to fit in or even how we really feel.   But the piece of the puzzle that will help us open the treasure chest of goodness is there, waiting patiently to be picked up and put in its’ rightful place.

When we start the process of re-connecting to the inner landscape we realise what an effect it is having on everything around us.   When we stop and be quiet those stuck emotions get their chance to guide us to the missing jigsaw piece.   Looking at your present story is not a shame game, it is what it is and it can be changed. The first step is to meet it where it is, in the present moment, this is the jumping off point, right here now.

Quiet the mind and allow what’s stuck to come up and flow. When we start the flow the movement can then begin, what comes up can lead us to the core of what is there, the essence of what is keeping us stuck, the fear, the anger.. whatever. We can question this emotion, we can tame it, we can surrender to it or we can accept it. We may not be able to change the circumstances but we can certainly change our reaction to it and when we do this the missing jigsaw piece can begin the journey to find it’s rightful place.

Here are some ways to help you connect to that internal landscape.

I have included a Soundcloud meditation to help you re-connect to your inner light and start your journey.

Aroma Tips: A great duo of essential oils that can aid on your journey to self empowerment are Cypress and Geranium.

Cypress is the oil to help release mis-qualified energies, Geranium is there to be the support when these energies are being released.

Until next time ….

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and doTERRA Wellness Advocate (contact me at


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