Declutter Therapy …Now I Could Do With Some Of That

Declutter Therapy inside 2Declutter Therapy cover 2 Declutter Therapy inside 1Declutter Therapy cover 1

Some of us, including myself, find it extremely hard to get rid of “stuff” .. you know the old phrase “One man’s gold is another man’s trash” or something along those lines. Our “stuff” can be very personal to us as we may have developed an emotional attachment to it. Yes .. it is possible to develop an emotional attachment to “stuff”. Try putting something you have an emotional attachment to in the bin and feel the strength of the pull on your hand to take it back out!!! Or see what emotion comes up for you should God forbid someone else try to put it in the bin!!!

We all get great enjoyment from looking at old stuff that bring back fond memories but it is when the “stuff” starts impeding on our personal lives then we know we need to declutter and let some go. Breda Stack The Declutter Therapist in her book states “I’ve always felt happier, more creative, and grounded when my physical environment is in order”.

I have experienced that feeling too; when my house is in order my mind is in order but when my house is in disorder so too is my mind. This wonderful book and DVD from Breda Stack, The Declutter Therapist will literally take your hand and help you develop a positive mindset with your clutter.

The book and DVD contain simple, step-by-step information to help you with the decluttering process and you can work at your own pace. Although it focuses primarily on wardrobe declutter the principles apply to the rest of our home and to life in general. It also helps us maintain our environment and shop selectively in the future so we can save money time and energy.

So if you have aspirations of getting your house in order or find you are mentally stuck this could be a perfect place to start ..

It costs €29.99 for the book and DVD and at the moment Postage and Packing is free worldwide; here is a PAY PAL link to order

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin
and doTERRA Wellness Advocate (contact me at

Check out Breda’s You Tube video


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