Raising Our Ceiling of Beliefs

It is a common phenomenon for us to have ceilings on what we allow ourselves have and a limit on what we expect will happen for us.   It is like it is programmed into our cells. Well actually it is!   To be able to detach from what has happened in the past and to detach our thinking about what might happen in the future is an invaluable way to become present and realise the change is in the now.   Detachment doesn’t mean we don’t remember anything from the past and don’t dream about a better future it just makes it more real when we stop living in the past and stop projecting our past into the future.   We may as well just stand up and shout, “Keep giving me more of the stuff I don’t want”. It is a great practice to make vision boards and to do daily affirmations if that is what works but it is equally as important to get to the root of what is stopping us breaking past those ceilings of where we are and into where we actually want to be.

One of the ways we can find out what is stopping us break through our ceiling is by defining our emotions and how we react to them.

Research shows us that emotions cause chemical reactions in our body. Antonio Damasio, a neurologist of emotion has described emotions as “action requiring neurological programmes”. They are essential to life and help us define what is the best action to take at times.   We see a brown bear, an emotion of fear arises usually accompanied by an intense reaction in our body and our brain tells us to run.

If our anger button gets triggered very easily and anger or rage become our go to emotions then it is likely it is letting us know that our personal space has been violated and that our personal boundaries are not sufficiently in place.   We feel threatened, we may not feel safe and we get angry about this. Of course circumstances differ with each situation but generally anger is boundary related.

If on the other hand sadness is our go to emotion when something happens it is highly likely that we need to get go of something.

When we can define our emotion around a circumstance we can then see where our ceiling is set.   Do we feel threatened and feel like the ceiling is nowhere in sight and there isn’t anything there to protect us? Do we feel sad and feel like the ceiling is sitting on top of our head, literally squishing us into conformity?

However we can change these programmes, I am not saying it is easy but we can.

Using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils is a powerful natural way to aid in the process. These oils are derived from the lifeblood of a plant; they contain all that the plant needs in order to survive, to fight infection, to protect it against its surroundings etc.   Imagine walking through a field of lavender and inhaling its odour. When we inhale these odours they go through our olfactory system and straight to our limbic brain; in fact our sense of smell is the only sense that does this, go straight to the brain!   From here it is sent to the cortex for appropriate action to be taken depending on the components of the oil.   What messengers are in the oil to be sucked up by the receptors sites of our cells? Do we need to be balanced? Do we need to feel that we are ok in our skin? Do we need to shift old generational patterns that are embedded deep in our cells?

When we are helped to change our beliefs and learn how to raise our ceilings we automatically leave behind a landscape that is not favourable and enter into one that we have created ourselves, a landscape that we may have thought only existed for others.   So you see we can change our landscape and we can raise our ceilings, we just need to fasten our seat belts and take a leap of faith into the journey,

Until next time…. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and doTERRA Wellness Advocate (contact me at doloresagavin@gmail.com).


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