Don’t Take It Personally!

Those four words can have a volcanic effect on one person while another will smile and say “Yea, you are right”. Why is that?

It goes back to the issue of our stories and how they define us.   For someone who feels powerless they may feel that they get situations coming up for them that confirm this all the time.   Like being told to not take things personally!!! If a person feels powerless it is more than likely they do not have sufficient personal boundaries in place and these words will not be welcomed.   Beware using these four words .. it’s a bad idea!

You might say “Well that’s not my problem it’s theirs” but my defence to that is to just be mindful what we say to others.   We don’t know their stories and it’s not up to us to judge them for where they are on their journey.  To think that our stories are better than someone else’s actually brings up another issue, why have we built a story around being better than someone else? What feelings, emotions and truths have weaved that one?

“People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” the volcanic one might retort back to you.   For the volcanic one might be further along the path in another part of their life than you … so choose words carefully… just sayin’.

Until next time .. keep the faith

Dolores Andrew-Gavin Soul Care Practitioner, Author and Mummy


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