Turning Down The Inner Critic

I love to draw and create paintings that are not really inspired by anything or anyone other than something I create from my increasing box of art materials and scrap booking supplies.

Some things I paint end up… well just really not good and some are … dare I say it actually not too bad .. well in my opinion anyway!!!

On the days when I spend hours over a picture and my inner critic wants to howl the house down in laughter I get disheartened as I don’t want to listen to its’ truth and don’t want to give in to start again!   Feelings of not being good enough bubble up and spill over on to other areas of my life.   Well that is until I become aware of the mist of gloom forming and feeling the negativity creeping in.

You know it’s ok to not draw well every day .. who’s opinion am I listening to anyway?   Ah yes my inner critic, yes the one that is always there ready to point out the not so good bits.   Hush now ego and let the right brain have the wheel for a while.

Some of the best artists and musicians readily admit that as well as the works they produced that turned out well for them they also had pieces that just really didn’t work. But they didn’t stop producing stuff; they kept going trusting in the process.

We don’t have to get everything right all the time.. seriously we don’t, it’s ok to go to bed without the dishes washed up every night, if my son goes to school with his track suit bottoms on back to front again (yea, yea I know mother of the year and all that) really it’s not the end of the world.

Judge yourself by your own values and allow yourself be vulnerable enough to get things wrong at times. Accept that you are who you are. Don’t try to please everyone; there is just no point, be yourself and bask in your own strengths and weaknesses.   And remember there is only one of you.. you are unique just the way you are!

Until next time.. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Mum, Author and Soul Care Practitioner and someone just trying to keep it real


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