Change Your Story … Change Your Life

While in the sauna yesterday I started talking to a man about Halloween.   He asked me if I heard of anyone taking advantage of Halloween and breaking into people’s houses! I told him I had not, in fact I had not even thought of such a thing happening! I mentioned how lucky we were that the rain had stopped so the children could go out trick or treating. He continued in his vein of thought by saying how spoilt children are these days. I told him how I liked the way some people were putting one or two sweets into the children’s bags so no one was grabbing handfuls!

I noted that he wasn’t really interested in the positive vein of chat which I was on and he visibly tuned out when I was talking. He probably didn’t even notice he was doing it, he was obviously stuck in an old story about Halloween or a belief that children are spoilt or maybe even a yearning to be that little child who got to go out trick or treating.

Whatever our stories are, they have such an impact on the way we talk on a day to day basis and the way we live.   If our belief system about something is based on a negative memory or negative self talk the energy of this can be likened to a tornado going around and around inside us, never stopping to look at a different perspective but instead gathering more gloom as we go.   We collect gloomy stories to add to the ones we already have and we close our ears in case God forbid a sunny story gets in and upsets the apple cart!

An easy way to find out if we have one of those gloomy tornados inside us is to pause and think about some area that we feel in some way negative about.   Maybe we have drifted from a friend, we can’t really understand why, nothing was ever said but we feel a cloud of gloom when we think about them.   What belief have we about the story?   Can it be changed? Can we look at it from a different perspective?   Are we projecting something onto them or are they projecting something onto us?   Looking into this tornado, even if it’s just a peek can begin to lessen its’ effect.

Stories, like everything can change.   We can weave ones that better suit our lives realising that not everyone stays in our lives and not everything works out the way we thought it would. If we allow the tornado of gloomy energy to stay gathering more gloom it blocks anything better coming along to fill its’ place.   The only one we are hurting is ourselves .. we CAN change the script of our stories … we can start with just one word at a time.

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Soul Care Practitioner, Author


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