Being Authentic with Our Emotional Landscape

When we look at the people around us to fix us it won’t happen.   It’s not their story and it’s not their job.   It is only when we learn to turn the lens within and face the internal landscape that we can begin the wonderful process of transformation. Transformation for our own benefit and to bring us closer to the beauty of our own essence.   Oh sure there will be ruffled feathers and disgruntled onlookers who fear the change may affect them, but what’s the choice stay locked up in the dungeons or break free and let our light shine?

Discovering the emotional landscape of an old story; one that clings like a fly to fly paper can reveal a multitude if we allow ourselves go there.   Learning to process why our story is not being validated or more correctly why we feel like someone is not listening to us.   Do we need to look at the story from a higher perspective?   Maybe we are being too rigid with someone or even ourselves; maybe we need to drop that old story as it no longer stands up to our own scrutiny. Oh what joy that feels like to watch as the old stories fall away and lighten our load!   We may wonder why we held on so tightly to it for so long, but as sure as night turns to day and day to night the natural rhythm will return, it’s just the way it is.  

When we turn the lens within instead of outwards we illuminate the way; our way. We are not accountable to anyone for doing this; just ourselves.   Some of our beliefs may be society’s beliefs; ones that don’t necessarily fit with us anyway!   Being authentic with ourselves even if we start with being “a closet authentic” is a start and a great start, we soon learn we don’t need to hide!!!! Shine the light on what we do believe in rather than what we feel we should believe in, in order to fit in and belong.   We will never have a feeling of belonging to anyone or anything if we are not living an authentic experience.   Being authentic is like a perfectly fitting glove, it just is.  

Having compassion with ourselves while we shine the light within is essential, we don’t give ourselves a hard time for something we did in the past; what’s the point what is done is done. We can learn acceptance of what we did even if it makes our palms sweat to even think about it. The shame or the guilt don’t serve us they just keep us energetically tied to it. Realising that an old story, while it cannot be changed can become an ally; a friend; a learning curve can be life altering.   What did we learn from the old story?   Maybe that we are not perfect?   Excellent!   Maybe we can realise that we had raised the perfectionism bar too high anyway, maybe we did what we did as we thought we had no other choice; maybe we did what we did to survive.   We can shine the light on this story; illuminate the facts, learn acceptance and begin to allow the healing of letting the old story go, while all the time being authentic, having compassion and realising we belong no matter what.

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and EFT Master Practitioner



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