Aligning to our True Direction

ImageWhen we can truly acknowledge where we are at this present time we can begin the process of aligning ourselves to be where we want to be and who we want to be. When we open ourselves up to the energies around us and see our present path for what it is, we can fine tune and use the energies to more fully embrace this life. What if being a stay at home Mum is the best learning experience we will ever have? Or being part of the legal world may help us open doors for someone who feels they are in a hopeless situation? What if compassion is something we have yearned to allow ourselves have and find now we can use it as part of our daily life? What if we give up the need to struggle and do what we do wholeheartedly? Or, we can polish the compass, tweak the sail and head in the direction of our True North.

When we dissect and look at present patterns lurking under the surface of our consciousness they can reveal some shady shadows stuck in a rut. Our soul may be shouting to shed these patterns but we hold on fiercely to them not even knowing why we do so and worse of all not even hearing the shouts for freedom.

We might discover we are repressing a wounded side, a side of us that was hurt a long time ago and perhaps even it is a cultural wound which has been inflicted and is still being inflicted. Perhaps that wounded side is yearning to be seen, heard, accepted and just be. We can allow ourselves hold space for ourselves as well as others. When we can look from the outside at where we are we can discover the roadblocks that are in front of us. We can see the fear holding us back, maybe even a fear of making a mistake. We can open ourselves up to the vaults of learning, which may be knocking ferociously at our door. When we hold that space we can allow the internal knockings and yearnings to be heard, we open doors and let some light creep in. Does it really matter if we have a hiccup on the way, are we allowing the perceptions and judgments of others disable our own tracking devices, are we turning off our internal GPS and tuning into another’s instead?

What if the hiccup on the way opens a bigger door, with bluer sky, with an abundance of what we are striving for? A chance encounter we would never have met if we had not hiccupped en route!

By working in harmony with the energies within us and around us we can rise up like the Phoenix from the ashes of doom and soar to great heights. We can become in tune with our own inherent flow and the natural cycle of the world around us. We can take back charge of the course of our life and ensure the compass is pointing True North.

As always … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Soul Care Practitioner, Author, Reiki Master/Teacher and EFT Master Practitioner.




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