Surviving the Meltdown in the Cauldron of Life

The house is upside down and inside out, the children are arguing, the deadline has past, the clock has stopped and the postman kicked the cat again.  Oh well just another day then!

The desire and urge to get out from under the layers of rubble that are gathering as our world feels like it is falling apart can often be repressed by the urge to just stay under the rubble and hide.   We can feel like we are in a cauldron of hot water which we know could scald us any minute, it feels like we are stuck in the melting pot and that light that people tell us about .. well there ain’t no tunnel so there ain’t no light at the end of it!

When someone says “It will get better” there is the urge to retort with “Well it can’t get any worse”.

But the cauldron of hot water can be a symbol of the percolation time that is needed, sitting in the pot stewing away, on top of a great big fire with flames alight, flames which was ready to melt away that which we are ready to release.

If only we had the courage to stand up in the cauldron and take a peek out.  But our fear tells us there is always a chance we could topple over and melt in the very flames that are offering their support.   If we could just take the fear off, peek out and see the opportunities and that so called tunnel offering that ever evasive light.   It’s easier to stay inside the cauldron though getting rocked back and forth wallowing in our self pity and licking our wounds.

At some stage though someone or something will stoke the fire or put a spoon into the cauldron to check its’ progress.  A crack of light will appear and let the light in, a glimmer of hope perhaps.  Maybe we wont fall over if we stand up?   Will we try?  What have we to loose at this stage?   If we stay in the melting pot we might just melt!

Maybe we could move one piece of the rubble at a time, one small bit, one little step to freedom.  When we pick up the first piece of rubble we realise it’s not as heavy as we thought it would be.   Look at the piece of rubble, what does it represent, has it a lesson for us?   Maybe it tells us to have the courage to go ahead and move the next piece of rubble.    So on we go, what does the next piece tell us, oh maybe it tells us this this meltdown was necessary for us to see the darkness before the light.

Block by block, bit by bit, looking at every piece if we dare to, allowing ourselves be vulnerable to whatever it has to say.   One step at a time until we realise we are almost there.  One last push to get that lid off the cauldron and freedom from the melting pot.

The flames have tamed down now, they have melted away what we released, what was holding us back or keeping us stuck.   The tunnel is behind us now and the light is right there in front of us… we have survived the meltdown and tipped the cauldron over in our favour.  We are now free to be whoever we are meant to be and whomever we want to be.

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Soul Care Practitioner, Author, Energest, EFT Master Practitioner and more importantly Mum.


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