It Takes Courage To Keep Our Visions On Track


Sometimes it takes courage to keep our original vision of something on track.   It could be a vision about anything, what we are going to have for dinner but then can’t get one of the ingredients, what we are going to wear for a dinner party but then the dress does not close, or the vision we have about where our business is heading, but we find it is heading nowhere.

A vision is a vision no matter what we are speaking about, it is something we are so passionate and sure about that we can visualise it, taste it or feel it depending on which of our senses we use most.

We can become vulnerable when people knock our vision, we can become despondent when we are missing a piece of the vision and cannot quite get it together.   Our vision can then become blurred or altered and we can no longer see it clearly or have that spring in our step when we think about it.

Sometimes a particular vegetable we need for a recipe is just not available, it is the wrong season for it and we have to make a substitute, chances are the dinner will be just as good with the alternative vegetable.   We might discover another dress we have hidden away in the wardrobe but have never worn that covers that bit we just don’t like so well, chances are that dress will be just fine. What if we do not have a particular skill or we are feeling overworked and need to hire someone to help in a particular area of our business chances are, if we do these things it will help our business succeed.

But what if we allow others to project THEIR vision of OUR vision onto us to the point that we can no longer see our original vision?   We cannot see it as we have allowed someone else’s projection of OUR vision to be layered on top of ours.  Our vision is completely altered and we do not recognise it anymore.  We may become stuck or worse still give up.   For some people it takes courage to tell someone “You know I see what you are saying, but that is just not where I am going with this”.   Remember it is your vision and remember to keep your boundaries in what you allow others project onto you.

Now constructive criticism/advice is another ball game altogether.   It is essential to look at what we perceive as negative feedback, you know the feedback that stirs a story up inside of you .. yes that one!   Teasing through this feedback, seeing the true story behind it, defining the emotions that are stirring up inside of you, this can often throw up great ideas.    It is ok to show vulnerabilities, you don’t always have to show them to others, although you can, but to admit them to yourself is “A OK”!  None of us are perfect at everything and it is not that we are not capable of being perfect at everything, but generally we choose areas that make our juices flow and our passions run high.  These are the areas where the universe is flowing with us and for us.

When we are in our own groove, not anyone else’s groove, things will just happen more smoothly, we are on track and it feels good right down to the tips of our toes!

Whatever your vision is go with it, if you have to tweak it because of good advice you get and it feels good, then tweak it, if you have to tweak it because someone else is telling you they don’t like it and it does not feel good to you, then don’t tweak it!  It is your vision so chase it over the Moon and back if you have to.   There might be some bumpy bits on the way and some internal stories to be stirred up and dealt with but if the universe is flowing with you … you will get there in the end.

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energist and most importantly .. Mum


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