Painting a Blank Canvas for 2014


Once the first blob of paint hits the canvas and forms a shape, any shape I want, I begin to see my world taking on its meaning.   I can paint it any colour I want and I can mix the paints to make them brighter or darker.  I can even invent a new sort of colour if I wish.    The only one that is stopping me is … well me!

This year instead of concentrating on what I don’t want to happen for 2014 I am gong to start with a blank canvas and concentrate on what I do want.   The world is my oyster!

The edge corners that hold the pictures on my canvas down are coming off, they will be free … if the pictures fall off I will put them back with something less restrictive, like a piece of sticky tape so that they can be easily moved around.   No keeping them in one place, holding them back, instead giving them the freedom to move from here to there .. allowing growth and change without un-necessary restriction.

If I make a mistake with my painting I can start again .. no worries … I will have learnt perhaps that red and green look nicer side by side than orange and green .. so I start again remembering what I want from the previous mistake.   It wasn’t really a mistake anyway, just a change of direction.

Do I want perfection?   Do I need perfection?   It’s  more along the lines of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.    My picture will be beautiful .. to me anyway and while I will listen to constructive criticism and helpful judgments I won’t bother much with the perceptions of what others think I should do because that is what they tell me has always been done.  Perceptions are restrictive and after all are only other people’s opinions, not necessarily truth with a capital T.

So as the new year rolls in, the year of the horse in the Chinese Zodiac I raise a glass to the mighty stallion that runs free until tamed by human intervention and I like he will be loyal and faithful to those I trust and those who have earned the right to paint my canvas with me.

What will your canvas look like for 2014?  The only one stopping you from painting it your way is … YOU!

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner and Energist.


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