It’s Your Story – Share It Wisely

We all have our own story, OUR story.   We own that story and it is ours to tell and whom we choose to tell it to is our choice as well.  

When we tell our authentic story to someone we do so at our peril.   Some people choose to spin OUR story and make it partly theirs, they add their perceptions, their judgments and their ideas on how OUR story should be.   

Someone else might choose to hear something completely different to what you have actually said, because they are not listening, they already have their own perceptions and hear what they want to hear.   Some do this, either consciously or unconsciously so that they can now blame you for the way THEIR story has turned out. 

Sometimes we want people’s advice and sometimes we just want someone to listen to us.   Often in the mere telling of our story we find the answer we are looking for.   The truth jumps out at us as we hear our own story unfold.   In that situation it is most likely that someone has held space for us to tell our story, they have allowed us be in our own authenticity and in our own sacred space so to speak.     We feel safe to tell OUR story as it is, truthfully, honestly and in an authentic way.   The saying “a trouble shared is a trouble halved” only works when we are allowed to tell OUR story the way it is.   If someone jumps in blaming us, accusingly us, spinning and weaving and adding layer upon layer of perceptions and judgments the story is no longer OUR story and is no longer authentic.

If you choose to tell your story to someone, make sure you tell it to someone who has earned the right to hear it.  

Until next time ….keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Intuitive Energist  


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