A Mythical Road to Finding Essence

Like a rose in full bloom supported by its energy field and life force, we too have these essential layers and at the centre of our being lies our true essence – at the level of soul.   Outwardly we can be likened to the rose mocking its beauty and colour whilst inwardly allowing the thorns that grow on our stems to smother us, smother our essential essence and extinguish our guiding flame.

The layers of petals can represent the layers of the stories we have invested ourselves in, the stories that have moulded the who we have morphed into.   What story are we now invested in from our childhood?  Were we the child of a loving mother and an over worked father who gave us no attention thereby rendering us on a search to find a masculine archetype from whom to find inspiration, attention and wholeness?   Were we abandoned at birth or have we grown up not really feeling we fitted in?

What story has come from our initiation into adolescence with its clumsiness, embarrassments and challenges, the first kiss, the first encounter with an unlikely hero or heroine?

What led to the meeting and possibly the marrying of our hero/heroine?  Did we finally believe we had found an archetype who would sweep us off our feet and live our happily ever after story only to realise that our hero/heroine has his or her own thorns that we allowed be projected onto us and darken our petals until they withered and died.

We can choose though to become like the wise old woman who has encountered her trials and struggles and has learnt to manoeuvre her path using her intuition and lives now in her own power illuminating the way with her brightly lit essence.    She neither needs nor allows the projections or judgments of others to shape her into something that she is not.    She is the rose in full bloom at the height of Summer.

And like this archetypal wise old woman we need to realise we are not what other people perceive or judge us to be.   We are not the worst kisser in the world or the mistake that should never have happened or the pathetic housewife who has lost her way.

Those labels may be what another chooses to label us by, sometimes for their own gain, to make them feel stronger or more powerful while they battle and hide from their own shadows.   We are not what someone else judges us to be, that is their judgment, you are you.   Nobody can kill our essence – it is and will always be there, we just need uncover and embrace it and not let the thorns that we will inevitably meet smother us.

We can choose to open like the early bud of Spring triumphantly transforming into our own wondrous selves full of beauty and presence or we can stay locked in the perceptions and judgments that have imprisoned us all our lives.

We can look at our story and see if there is an archetypal energy or universal pattern that is predominant in it at any particular time.   What archetype do we morph into to overcome a problem?   Do we use our internal guiding system like the mythological Vasilisa who overcomes a seemingly impossible journey set up by her jealous step mother to the house of Baba Yaga.  Vasilisa learns to trust in her intuition in this myth in the guise of a doll.

We can look at myths and find one which gives inspiration and a knowing that we are never alone.   We can use myth help us realise that many people have travelled a path quite similar to ours in the past and will travel it again in the future.   We can use it as a template for success, an illuminating light on our own hero or heroine’s journey.

If we go off track, just like a GPS re-routes an outer journey, our own inner GPS will re-route us too and show us how to get back on track, we have to just learn how to listen.

There is always a way to change our story and live from our Essence, we just need to take the first step.

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin

Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Reiki Master and Master EFT Practitioner


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