Our Children .. It’s A Community Issue

To say I was shocked and appalled by what I saw on Irish National Television about the childcare system and its regulation, for children in the early years i.e. 0 – 5 or thereabouts is an understatement.   My heart felt choked and I fought to keep the tears back.  Innocent children in such an important part of their developmental stages of life being physically manhandled, sworn at, force-fed, isolated etc. etc.  What has happened to community I ask?   What soul loss is occurring for our children?   What negative lessons and energetic blocks are being formed in their tiny bodies?

It is a community problem as well as an individual parent’s problem.  These young children are growing up in our communities, are members of our communities and are the future leaders of our communities.   It is a fact that many of us live our adult years according to the teachings and lessons we learned when we were young.   Many impressions are formed for example – If I do not eat my food I will be punished.   This unfortunately in some children can lead to anorexia or weight issues in later life.  An association with food has been formed that is not a true one.

Isolating a child who hasn’t yet got the emotional intelligence to understand what is going on is sending out a confusing and damaging signal.  They may become socially withdrawn or act out in a socially aggressive manner at a later stage.     Even for children who are not directly involved in a situation where another child is being punished unfairly there is damage being done.   What ideas are these children forming about what they are seeing?  What is their interpretation of people whom their Mammies and Daddies have left them with?  What is it doing to their trust in people?

As a Mum myself of 2 boys aged 4 and 9 I have dealt with, seen and heard many stories over the years.   I know the choice for parents to have one of them be “a stay at home parent” is a hard one.   There are so many pressures financially and emotionally on parents.    Another huge aspect is respecting the role of the stay at home Mum or Dad who has given up the privilege of being a breadwinner in the family to spend the first few years of children’s lives with them.   Many Mums/Dads go into classrooms and do reading with the children, they bake with the children, they organise and share lifts they have play dates and so forth.  These are all very important roles for children’s development especially those who tend to be more socially withdrawn and don’t mix well in large groups.

There is also a huge pressure to keep up with the Jones’ – well that is if you want to!!!!!   If you decide to stay at home you make sacrifices, you may not be able to have 2 weeks in Disneyland or a month in a Villa in Portugal every year.   But you can take a picnic and go get lost in the woods – be explorers for a day, go to the beach and have a ball, maybe collect sea glass or be a pirate.   Having children use their imagination isn’t such a bad thing …

We just have to realise we have a role to play in our children’s development too, we can’t always blame others.  We have to ensure we are not projecting our own shadows onto our children such as our own fears and inadequacies.   We have to make choices that don’t just suit us as parents.

Lets hope too that we can come together as a community and make choices for our children that empower them rather than dis-empower them and give them all the chances they deserve.

Always remember money doesn’t buy everything, some of the best things in life are free …

Until next time …keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Intuitive Energy Healer, Master EFT Practitioner .. and most importantly a Mum ♥


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