Striving For Perfection .. Whatever That Is!

So what is perfection anyway!  Is it truth with a capital T .. as my teacher Robin Rice often says.   Or capital P in this case! Who raises the perfection bar?   Or do we succumb to the perfection game?   Does a perfect cup cake have pink icing .. well I guess it might for an 8 year old girl but that truth does not stand true for an 8 year old boy who hates pink “cause it’s only for girls” and who ..”doesn’t like cup cakes anyways and prefers treble chocolate muffins”

How does Mary down the road really get through the holidays looking like she has just walked out of the beauty salon every minute of everyday.   Is she perfect?   Are her children perfect?   Who knows .. depends on your definition of perfect.  

Personally I am more the jeans on the school run type of Mum who wears a hat to hide the mess underneath – my finger nails may be full of earth after planting a new shrub and my eye shadow is ..God’s knows where   … Am I perfect?  Who knows .. depends on your definition of perfect.  

It isn’t always easy to meet the expectations we make for ourselves.   Sometimes we raise the bar just too high and end up feeling angry, bitter and perhaps jealous of someone we perceive has all those things that we strive for.   We may not realise that what we have is what they desire.   Doing the best we can is vastly more important than striving for perfection.  

When we approach our life more mindfully and realise that if something goes wrong or if we do get angry (it is ok to get angry at times you know!) that this feeling is only temporary.  If we accept that difficult situations arise from time to time and realise that this “bad/awful/atrocious” experience does not define us and realise we do not now become this “bad/awful/atrocious” experience then we will be on the right track to dare I say …perfection! 

It becomes easier with practice you learn to let negative thoughts about situations come, as they will, but then to let them go.   You begin to see the negative thought for what it is .. just a thought and you have the choice to let it dictate your life for the foreseeable or the choice to accept it and move on.   Don’t go unconscious, learn from it and let it go.   Fill the void that is left with joy not more anger.

This holiday time or anytime be the pink icing on the top of the cup cake .. if you like or choose to be the blue icing … if it’s perfect for you then it is perfect.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks .. it’s your life not theirs and it’s your truth with a capital T if you want it to be!

Until next time … keep the faith and Happy Holidays if you are in holiday season,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Energy Healing Therapist, Galway, Ireland.


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