Patience is a Virtue – Please Give Me Some!

I have always said “I wasn’t born with much patience” but deep down I know if I dig deep enough into the essence of my being therein will lie the answer to obtaining that holy grail, that seemingly unattainable gold medal for … having patience.   I just have to have the patience to go find it!

I always used to pride myself on doing two things at once – well of course I am a woman I can multi task but between lack of sleep and trying to do too much at the same time I have burnt more saucepans and food over the last two months than I have ever in my life before!  Give me patience I cry!

Last week I heard a lady say that she made her usual Lasagne for dinner except this time she did it with mindfulness, or basically she did it with care, she thought of nothing else while she chopped all the veg, she made the sauce for the top after she had cut the veg not trying to do both together.  She said her family had asked what she had done differently it tasted so good!

So often nowadays we answer our children’s questions while checking our iPhones, we move our head to answer but our eyes don’t leave the phone and we say “yes ok, just a minute” or “no not today I haven’t time”.    What sort of message is that giving our children, that we are too busy to even look them in the eye and leave down our iPhone for just a moment.  We have missed the opportunity to pick up on the body language, facial expressions or eye movements that give more clues to what our child may be saying than words can.   A wasted opportunity that won’t come back.

Giving up just 10 minutes, 10 minutes out of a 24 hour day of quality time to a child, leaving the phone down, not trying to check emails, not trying to make the dinner, not trying to do anything, is better than promising a trip to McDonalds at the weekend when we have time.   Cause will we have time then either, will we still be checking our phones while we eat?

The first step can be as easy as just stopping and asking ourselves what is the priority at this moment, is checking Google analytics on a project more important than answering a question that our child has.   What answer would our children give?    It just takes a little work on our part and a little practice!

Patience is a virtue that we can all embrace but it’s our choice to decide to embrace it or not.

Now gotta go make dinner so until next time .. as always keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Intuitive Energy Healing



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