Standing In Your Own Power

You know that you are standing in your own power when what you are saying is truly resonating with you, on every level and in every cell of your body.   You are stating a truth that just is what it is.   You have captivated the wholeness of your being, you have the wisdom and understanding of your role in the great mystery that is life.  You have come to realise that what affects one affects the whole.   You stand in your own strength.  Like the warrior position in yoga, you can gaze endlessly at the even line that runs from one extended arm to the other, you are a warrior and your strength is coming from within… not without.

When you surround yourself with fears, when you glide through life unconsciously you can almost feel like the nut inside the shell.   Impossible to see out and even harder to get out.   You keep getting knocks but none hard enough to break you free.   You need inner strength to break that shell to let you out, to realise the potential of what is inside.   To be truly free.

Life does not suddenly become a bed of roses – sorry if you thought it would(!) – but you no longer look externally for the answers, you don’t manipulate others or events for personal gain.  What you do have is strength, strength of character, strength of ability, strength to love and to be loved.   You can decipher what is necessary and what is not.  You don’t have to sell your soul to get on, you get on because you are on the right path that suits where YOU want to be and where YOUR strengths lie, no longer relying or having false expectations of what YOU think others should be doing for you.

Find the lesson to be learned in whatever you are going through, observe what it is in the silence of your being, take from it what you need, accept what it is you cannot change, and above all move on.   You need to accept that we are all dark and light, yin and yang and your ability and acceptance of the darkness as well as the light needs to be embraced before the wholeness can be.

Stand in your power and just be ..

Until next time as always keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Intuitive Energy Worker, EFT Master Practitioner, Reiki Master and Quantum Touch Therapist.


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